Tour Experience Sharing Seminar – Sharpen our Travel Mates

With an aim of preparing the information and experience for Kids, TOUR EXPERIENCE SHARING SEMINAR (TESS) – an annual event of Hanoikids is organized by the cooperation of two departments: Training Department and Tour Operations Department (TOD). To the new “Kids”, not only the number of tours but also the tours’ quality are important tributes to which Hanoikids devoted. TESS is a special event where Newbies are equipped with the necessary skills for tours and listen to the stories of the experienced Oldies about unforgettable tours. It is also an opportunity for Newbies to be closer with other members, as well as a small break before they set off to conquer the last leg of the Virtual Training period.


The first TESS took place at Hanoi University of Science and Technology with the participation of more than 39 new Kids in 2013. However, because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this event in 2021 had many changes. Specifically, TESS 2021 was held online with the participation of about 60 members.


Coffee, a lovely member of TOD, performed good work as a charming and hilarious MC to smoothly lead the show through all 4 parts: Introduction, Games, Sharing and Wrap-up. 

The atmosphere was warmed up by the game guessing the content through pictures on the slide. The participants were divided into teams, and they found the game extremely interesting. The skill-sharing part of the oldies was attentively listened to by the new Kids. There were a lot of stories, practical knowledge, and skills that Kids could learn from each other. For example, “How to effectively communicate with the guests”, “Which situations would be the most difficult to handle” or “How Kids could improvise with contingencies”. Through that sharing session, Hanoikids hope that the Newbies could be well-prepared for their upcoming tours. Finally, in order for the new members to remember the information,  the show came up with an extremely attractive game called Kahoot. Many Kids had excellent answers and got extremely impressive scores. They really enjoyed this webinar.


With a view to creating an opportunity for Kids to share their touring stories as well as their solutions to unexpected situations, TESS was a place where oldies could help equip newbies with essential skills and knowledge to become professional travel-mates with visitors to Hanoi. Although this was the first time TESS was held online, it was a huge success and was received with great enthusiasm by all the Kids. Let’s look forward to the next TESS!

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