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This document provides answers to common questions from Tourists, and candidates. If you find your case urgent, or being unsatisfied with the below answers, please contact us.

About Tours:

1. What is a Free Tour?

Hanoikids offers tours within Hanoi city without charge for tour guiding service. The quality of your experience is our motivation and happiness. You only have to prepare the expenses during the tour such as admission fees, meals and drinks, as well as transportation fees both for you and Hanoikids’ member(s).

2. Which tour is suitable for me?

There are 3 main packages of tours Hanoikids offers to you: Virtual Tour, City Tour, and Food Tour. Detailed information has been described on the page Tours. Based on the time, interests, and places you want to explore, you can choose the suitable tour(s). Above all, we are willing to listen to your demand to arrange the best tour(s) for you.

3. How can I book a tour?

• Use online booking function on the page Book Tours on our Homepage.
• Send an email to our Tour Operations Department at hanoikidsvn@gmail.com.

Please note that all booking on our website and other platforms will be forwarded to our Tour Operations Department so it will be more convenient if you send your request through booking form in our website then we will automatically send to hanoikidsvn@gmail.com.

4. How do I know if my booking is accepted?

• You will receive an email clearly confirming the time and place for us to pick you up and we will expect a reply of confirmation from you. Please stay in touch until we reach a final agreement.
• For those bookings by the online booking form: Please note that you will receive an email from us within 48 hours for all acceptance and arrangements of your tour.

5. How do I know my booking details are secure?

You can rest assured that your personal data is used only for the purpose of the tour. Beside encrypting each booking via SSL protocol, we take all measures required to keep all your personal data secured.

6. Is there anything I am expected to do during the tour?

Please open yourself to your travel-mates. Our members join Hanoikids with the view to improve their English and have memorable experiences, so it will be wonderful if you can talk to us like we are friends.

About Donation:

1. What will our donations be used for?

All the money you give the travel-mates will be taken as a contribution to the club. Your contribution will be added to the Hanoikids fund used for organizing events, rewarding excellent members, … and donating to community campaigns.

2. How can I donate money to your club?

You can give us directly when being on tours or make a donation via our Paypal account.

3. Is there a specified amount of money which we have to give?

No. We truly appreciate your contribution to help us grow and develop so the donation is up to your evaluation on our travel-mates and the quality of our services.

About Recruitment:

1. Do you recruit your members every year? What time does the recruitment happen? Can you tell me a bit about your selection rounds?

Normally, Hanoikids have two recruitment periods per year which are Spring Recruitment and Fall Recruitment. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now we only have Spring Recruitment. We welcome all of the university/college students (except seniors) in Hanoi who have intermediate level of English skills to join us and have at least 1 year of commitment. 

To become a Member of Hanoikids Club, you must pass 3 Rounds:  Application Form (Round 1), Test and Activities (Round 2), Interview (Round 3) and fully complete the compulsory Basic Training Course.

2. Do I have to be excellent at English?

It’s so great if you already have a good background in English. However, if you are still not confident with your English ability, do not hesitate because our training course will help you improve it and become a good candidate!

3. Having a wide range of knowledge is necessary for being a Kid?

If you have a wide knowledge, that’s really a plus point! However, once you enter Hanoikids, you will learn this knowledge through training sessions and other club activities. So don’t be afraid to apply for the recruitment!

4. In addition to being a travel-mate, are there any kinds of activities I could perform when I join Hanoikids?

At present, Hanoikids has a structure of 5 different teams working on different roles: Training, Internal Relations, External Relations, Tour Operations and Public Relations Department. You can apply for these teams when you join Hanoikids. Therefore, in addition to becoming a travel-mate, you will be involved in many activities in order to develop yourselves as well as Hanoikids in general.