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Advanced Training with Hanoikids

Following the success of many Advanced Training courses, Hanoikids organized this annual event in 2020 to provide Kids with professional knowledge about Hanoi’s culture and historical landmarks besides 5 basic sites in Basic Training. It was a sunny day in October 2020 for over 70 members of Hanoikids to take part in the Advanced TrainingExplore

Tour Experience Sharing Seminar – Sharpen our Travel Mates

With an aim of preparing the information and experience for Kids, TOUR EXPERIENCE SHARING SEMINAR (TESS) – an annual event of Hanoikids is organized by the cooperation of two departments: Training Department and Tour Operations Department (TOD). To the new “Kids”, not only the number of tours but also the tours’ quality are important tributesExplore

The Journey 1750

I. General information about “The Journey 1750”: “The Journey 1750” is a cultural project established by students of the Hanoikids Voluntary English Club in 2015 with the desire to bring the students in Hanoi the opportunity to learn and improve knowledge about the history and the traditional culture of Hanoi in particular and Vietnam inExplore