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Who We Are

We truly appreciate your support and contribution to our organization. If you have any further questions or have things make you confused in your mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us for clearer explanation and long-term cooperation in the future.

About Partnership: For partnership, please contact our Leaderboard

President & Vice President

• Ms. Thu Phuong: (+84) 931 100 703

• Mr. Quoc Dung: (+84) 367 160 866

• Email: leaderboard.hnks@gmail.com

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Bui Thu Phuong


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Nguyen Quoc Dung

Vice President

About Tours: For tour-related questions, please contact our tour operators

Tour Operation Dept.

• Ms. Ngoc Linh: (+84) 396 607 260 • Mr. Minh Khoi: (+84) 705 118 462 • Email: hanoikidsvn@gmail.com


Do Thi Ngoc Linh

Head of Tour Operation Dept.


Nguyen Minh Khoi

Deputy Head of Tour Operation Dept.

Tour Operation Dept.

• Ms. Ngoc Linh: (+84) 396 607 260

• Mr. Minh Khoi : (+84) 705 118 462

• Email: hanoikidsvn@gmail.com

In case you are not able to contact us, here are some Frequently Asked Questions, please feel free to take a look. We hope they can help you until we make a response.