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City Tour

Known as the cultural, economic and political heart of Vietnam, Hanoi is a unique city having the fascinating blend of modern and ancient features. Exploring this charming city on foot, you will probably be overwhelmed by French colonial architecture sites, well-preserved pagodas, interesting museums and an inner peaceful vibe of Hanoi rather the hectic life that many people may think.As Vietnamese youngsters, we are so proud to present that magnificent beauty of our dear Hanoi to the world. If you have been charmed by this city, do not hesitate to grasp the chance of going on a free yet quality tour with us! Book City Tour now!


General Tour Package Information

• Starting time: 9 am / 2 pm.

• Duration: ~ 3 hours.

• Transportation: Walking / Taxi.

• Pick-up location: Usually your hotel.

Touring Sites:

Thang Long Imperial Citadel


Built in the 11th century, Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is a complex of relics associated with the history of Hanoi. This massive architectural work was built by the kings in many historical empire and has become the most important relic in the system of Vietnamese monuments.


The central area of ​​Thang Longi Imperial Citadel has an includes the archaeological site of 18 Hoang Dieu and the remaining relics in the Hanoi Citadel: the North Gate, the Main Gate, the Princess Palace, Kinh Thien Palace, D67 house and Hanoi Flag Tower.


Old Quarter and French Quarter 

The Old Quarter’s main attraction lies in the charming historical ambience of the local unique culture and the vibrant streets full of stalls and food vendors.


Unlike the Old Quarter, Hanoi French Quarter is mostly known for its elegant look with luxurious hotels, government offices and restored colonial buildings constructed in French architecture.

Hoa Lo Prison 

Hoa Lo prison was built by the French to keep political prisoners around 1886. This prison was taken over by Vietnamese government and used to keep American pilots during the American’s occupation.


It is the witness of Vietnamese thousand-year history filled with blood and tears. Our forefathers bravely fought in world-shaking battles so that their descendants today can live in peace and freedom.


Temple of Literature

Considered the first university of Vietnam, the Temple of Literature is a rare example of well-preserved traditional Vietnamese architecture dedicated to Confucius and honoring Vietnam’s finest scholars, as well as hosting royal examinations in the past.

Ho Chi Minh Complex  

Ho Chi Minh Complex offers you a chance to travel back in time and learn about our national hero as well as Vietnamese great history. This site consists of Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh’s old living space, Ho Chi Minh Museum and One Pillar Pagoda.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology 

Museum of Ethnology shows tourists the diversity in the architecture, customs and ideology of the Vietnamese culture. The museum is divided into 2 sections. The indoor section displays cultural exhibitions of Vietnam’s ethnic communities, whereas the outdoor section offers a glimpse into various house styles of these ethnic groups.

Bat Trang Ceramic Village 

Located 15 kilometers away from the centre of Hanoi, Bat Trang is the most famous handicraft ceramic village in Vietnam. A visit to this place will give you the chance to make ceramic yourself as well as admire elegant ceramic works created by local craftsmen.