Hanoikids Fall Recruitment 2015

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Is the famous American sitcom “How I met your mother” on your must-watch films  in the past few years? For those to whom this show does not ring any bell, it is a nine-season TV series that hinges around the friendship between Ted and his four closest friends before he met his wife, Tracy.

Reunion day 2014 – Baby, it’s cold outside!

Hanoi is very cold now, right? Yes, but Hanoikids’ members do not feel cold anymore! Since ‘Reunion day’ which was held at night in 28th December 2014 has warmed us up by bringing us...

Foreigners experience Vietnamese Cold Food Festival with Hanoikids

On a typical spring day with dust rain and high humidity, Hanoikids organized an event “Culture puzzle” in a warm and friendly environment.

“Hành trình 1750” – cuộc chạy đua giữa lòng thủ đô

Với mong muốn tạo ra một sân chơi thú vị, lành mạnh cho các bạn sinh viên, ngày 29/3 vừa qua, câu lạc bộ tiếng anh tình nguyện Hanoikids đã tổ chức sự kiện...

Hanoikids tuyển thành viên – Đợt tuyển mùa thu 2015

Chắc hẳn phần đông các bạn đều biết sitcom nổi tiếng của đài CBS Hoa Kì – How I met your mother (tạm dịch là Bố gặp Mẹ như thế nào). Anh chàng Ted...

[Upcoming event] Culture Puzzle 4: Li Xi

On the foundations of the previous projects including “Pieces of Culture” and “The Journey 1750”, Hanoikids is proud to present a brand new series named Culture Puzzle! “Culture Puzzle” is a series of cultural events...

Advanced Training At Vietnam Military History Museum

Beside the elementary training after each recruitment, Hanoikids organizes advanced training sessions annually to help our members develop their knowledge and skills to satisfy the increasingly demand for discovery of tourists to Hanoi.

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