Hanoikids Fall Recruitment 2014

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Who can give me a ticket to my childhood?
In order to be once again innocent, once again delighted in tiny things, once again curious about everything, once again discover so many wonders, every day…
We can, Hanoikids can!

FR2014 – Round 2 Report

As autumn leaves begin sparkling with the gorgeous golden and red colors, the fresh recruitment for new member of Hanoikids also gets off the ground.  The highly meticulous selective process  of short-listing candidates from hundreds of application forms finally resulted in approximately 400 young enthusiastic students who was able to make it to round 2: Test and activities.

Though the sky was rather dark and cloudy, Hanoikids’ members who were eager to be supporters for round 2 still arrived very early for the thorough, holistic preparation.

Culture Puzzle 02: A Vietnamese Traditional Toy

On the foundations of the previous projects including “Pieces of Culture” and “The Journey 1750”, this year, the Culture Project is coming back. A totally new format of a cozy experience and knowledge sharing...

A Hanoikids member murdered

A Hanoikids member savagely murdered at school X. No evidence found on the scene. Everything hit an impasse. A series of paranormal consequence followed- windows rattle, light bulbs dangle, peculiar noises heard. Rumor has it the school was haunted. The curse will never be broken until the root of evil is revealed.

Come on, take it easy! Above is simply a plot constructed by IR Department to orient the Halloween party last Sunday, on 4th Nov.

Hanoikids’ 11th birthday party

On Saturday June 17th 2017, Hanoikids’ 11th birthday with the theme: “Kids are yet to be 18” was successfully held as all members celebrated one of the most awaiting events of the year. Inspired...

On my way to becoming a kid

Today I want to tell you how much Hanoikids means to me.
I have been living in Hanoi since August 2013 for university. Before that, I used not to be interested in Hanoi, and rarely came here. To me, Hanoi was a city of crowdedness, competitiveness, which is totally not for someone who was reserved and spent most of her day staying indoors. But I was surprised by myself at how quickly I adapted to life here. I made lots of new friends, started to go out more often and became more daring.

Foreigners experience Vietnamese Chewing – Betel and Areca Custom with Hanoikids

Since the establishment of Culture Puzzle, Hanoikids has chosen it as the primary external activity for the organization in the hope of helping foreigners and students get to know more about Vietnamese culture and...

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