Hanoikids 7th Birthday Party: 7 Gods and The Secret Gift

June is the month of little kids, and the 7th birthday of “a very special kid”- Hanoikids, was also held on a beautiful Sunday in June. On 9th June 2013, little ambassadors of Hanoi all gathered at gorgeous Venus Palace to celebrate Hanoikids 7th birthday which marked a brilliant milestone in our voluntary club history.

When the party started, an air of excitement ran through the whole venue as everyone showed up stunningly in graceful dresses and suits.
hanoikids fall 2012 round 2

FR 2012 – Round 2 Report

Sincerely thanks to Hanoi Elegance Hotel Group without whose sponsorship Hanoikids would not have able to hold such a successful Recruitment Season this year.

Hanoikids’ Fall Recruitment 2012 has gone half its way smoothly and quickly. It must have been a great luck for those who passed Round1 (Application Form Screening) and were qualified enough to participate in the Second Round 2 held on 23rd, Sept, 2012 at To Hoang Primary School. Although we did ask the candidates to come 15 minutes earlier for check-in, many of them appeared half an hour before starting time.

Hanoikids members visit Vietnam Friendship Village

As a very first event organized by External Relations (ER) department of Hanoikids in 2013, in January 26th, 2013, ‘Tet yeu thuong’ came with the participation of about 30 members of Hanoikids.

‘Tet yeu thuong’ is a charitable trip in which we went to Vietnam Friendship Village (VFV) to bring some fun and warmness to the unlucky children there when Tet holiday is coming.
If you haven’t known, VFV is a residential facility working for humanitarian and friendship cause with the support of Vietnam State, Vietnamese social and economic organizations, non-governmental organizations, the dedicated individuals and the veterans from

Kids’ Got Talent – Hanoikids Newbie Graduation Ceremony

Have you ever watched a Got's Talent show on TV? How do you feel if you can sit at audience venue and enjoy the show live?! Excited and amused for sure. That's  many Hanoikids olides' feelings when they join Kids’ Got Talent every recruitment. And the Fall Recruitment 2013 Kids’ Got Talent brought us many things beyond description.

Kids’ Got Talent is the Graduation Ceremony for our ‘newbies’ after their 2-month Basic training course.

FR2014 – Round 2 Report

As autumn leaves begin sparkling with the gorgeous golden and red colors, the fresh recruitment for new member of Hanoikids also gets off the ground.  The highly meticulous selective process  of short-listing candidates from hundreds of application forms finally resulted in approximately 400 young enthusiastic students who was able to make it to round 2: Test and activities.

Though the sky was rather dark and cloudy, Hanoikids’ members who were eager to be supporters for round 2 still arrived very early for the thorough, holistic preparation.

An Extra Training with Hanoikids at Vietnamese Women’s Museum

On November 3rd, 2012, Hanoikids’ Training Department organized a training event for members of Hanoikids in Vietnamese Women’s Museum – an increasingly important site for our tours. Arriving at 8 am, we were really eager to know about this site, especially the newbies, they arrived soon, all prepared to take notes and some even brought records and cameras! We had a small chit-chat to warm up the atmosphere before really starting the training. It was also the time for the oldies to get acquainted with the newbies.

After that, we got inside the museum.

Hanoikids tuyển thành viên – Đợt tuyển mùa thu 2015

Chắc hẳn phần đông các bạn đều biết sitcom nổi tiếng của đài CBS Hoa Kì – How I met your mother (tạm dịch là Bố gặp Mẹ như thế nào). Anh chàng Ted...

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