Lời khép lại Hành trình 1750 lần thứ 1

Như vậy là sau hơn 1 tháng diễn ra, Hành trình 1750 đã tạm khép lại với cuộc đua của 10 đội chơi vào sáng chủ nhật, ngày 29/3/2015.
Sau hơn 5 tiếng của cuộc chạy đua và tìm kiếm "kho báu" bí mật ẩn giấu trong Phổ Cổ Hà Nội, quán quân mùa đầu tiên của Hành trình 1750 đã chính thức lộ diện.

SR 2014 – Round 2 Report

Hanoikids’ Spring Recruitment 2014 has gone half way. More than 200 candidates passed Round1 (Application Form Screening) and were qualified for Round 2 (Test and Activities) held on March 23rd, 2014 at Quang Trung Secondary School.

[caption id="attachment_1977" align="alignnone" width="640"] Round 2 of Hanoikids’ Spring Recruitment 2014 held on March 23rd, 2014 at Quang Trung Secondary School.[/caption]

Before Round 2, many questions relating to the test and activity format were sent to Hanoikids via Facebook and email channels. Round 2 includes two parts: Test and Activities.

Tour Experience Sharing – Sharpen our Travelmates

Following the success of Fall Recruitment 2013, Hanoikids gladly welcomes 39 new official members who are ready to embark on amazing adventures with our foreign visitors. To the new “Kids”, not only the number of tours but also the tours’ quality are important tributes to which Hanoikids devoted.

FR 2012 – Round 3 Report & Final Result

Instead of soaking up their scanty precious weekend, nearly 150 short-listed candidates rounded up in CnR English centre to participate in the final round of Hanoikids Fall Recruitment 2012.

The finale endured for 2 days, 29th and 30th Sep, divided into 4 shifts. Each candidated would be assigned the shift according to their free-time which had been confirmed before so that everyone could ace the final obstacle. The interviewees then had to undergo a "face-to-face English talk", conducted by Internal Relations members and the Leader Board.

Hướng dẫn làm bài kiểm tra vòng loại “Hành trình 1750”

- Mỗi đội chơi chỉ có thể đăng nhập và làm bài kiểm tra MỘT lần. Bài kiểm tra sẽ được mở vào lúc 0h00' 19/03 và đóng lại vào lúc 23h59' 21/03.

Kids’ Got Talent Fall 2012 – Every group becomes a family

“Graduated. I'm an official Kid now!!!!!! Yes, today I played, I danced, I sang, I partied. It was absolutely so much fun!”. It is what our newbie- Spoon (Gờ 2) bared her heart about the event last weekend (Sunday 2nd Dec 2012)- Kids’ Got Talent (KGT) held by Training Department of Hanoikids.
Routinely, the KGTs ingrained in every Kid as the closing ceremonies of training courses, where showcases the talents and passions of new members.

This year’s Fall Recruitment is not an exception.

Happy 8th Birthday Hanoikids!

May 29, 2006, Hanoikids was born based on the idea of several students. They, Hanoikids' founders, used to hang out around Sword Lake making acquaintances with tourists to practice English via introducing about Hanoi as well as Vietnam to their new friends. Therefore, the club was started with a view to providing Hanoi students with better opportunities to improve English and to helping visitors experience Vietnam culture and beauty from the perspective of a local youngster.

Tour support

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Nguyen Vu Mai Anh
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Deputy head of Tour Operation Department
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