hanoikids fall recruitment 2013

Hanoikids 2013 Fall Recruitment – Report and Results

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If  Hanoikids Voluntary English Club is a feast of global exploration, self-discovery and enjoyment of off-comfort-zone experience for interested students, the Regular Recruitments are certainly the step to prepare the indispensable ingredients for that feast. With no exception, Hanoikids has successfully organized the 2013 Fall Recruitment, which attracted more than 700 applicants from all over Hanoi.

Tour Sharing Experience Seminar – A day to remember

It’s amazing to see how time flies so fast. After 3 months of hard work filled with joy and shades of emotions, Hanoikids officially welcomes 39 fresh members to the club. In the wake of the basic training lasted 2 months, it was already ripe time to help newbies sharpen problem-solving skills and create a chance and a space for everyone to reflect on the joy and the difficulties as part of Hanoikids.

Hanoikids Spring Recruitment 2017

Here we are in one of the most anticipated events of Hanoikids - Spring Recruitment 2017! Twice a year, we are more than honored to welcome students in Hanoi to join our club, which will...

Cultural project “THE JOURNEY 1750”

CULTURAL PROJECT ” THE JOURNEY 1750″ I General information about “The Journey 1750”: "The Journey 1750" is a cultural project established by students of the Hanoikids Voluntary English Club in 2015 with the desire to bring...


When being asked about the most memorable moments in the journey of being a Kid, a lot of Hanoikids members would say, it is the Basic Training course. This was when they started their...

SR2014 – Information Seminar 2 : A Trip To Hanoikids Kingdom

Information seminar 2 (IS2) on March 5 at Banking Academy is, as usual, one of the two seminars organized by Hanoikids' Public Relation Department (PR Dept) to promote for Spring Recruitment 2014. Its primary objectives are placed on providing an official and thorough introduction about the club in general and this recruitment in particular, together with inspiring non-kids to apply for membership.

FR 2012 – Round 3 Report & Final Result

Instead of soaking up their scanty precious weekend, nearly 150 short-listed candidates rounded up in CnR English centre to participate in the final round of Hanoikids Fall Recruitment 2012.

The finale endured for 2 days, 29th and 30th Sep, divided into 4 shifts. Each candidated would be assigned the shift according to their free-time which had been confirmed before so that everyone could ace the final obstacle. The interviewees then had to undergo a "face-to-face English talk", conducted by Internal Relations members and the Leader Board.

Tour support

Head of Tour Operation Department
Nguyen Thai Anh
Phone: 036 518 5615


Deputy head of Tour Operation Department
Nguyen Phuong Ly
Phone: 097 505 3958