SR2014 – Round 3 Report and Final Results

On last two days of March, when many were enjoying the wonderful weekends with the sunlight after long time of raining, others were eager to find their destiny and pursue their dream by taking part in the last round of Hanoikids Spring Recruitment 2014 at Equest English Academy. Now, let’s summarize this unforgettable journey of both candidates and our Hanoikids’ member with 4P model.
1. Promising candidates
Last recruitment, we saw an overwhelming candidates from economic or linguistic universities such as FTU, ULIS, and HANU, but this time, the emergence of those from different ones makes us blissful.

Hanoikids Spring Recruitment 2017

Here we are in one of the most anticipated events of Hanoikids - Spring Recruitment 2017! Twice a year, we are more than honored to welcome students in Hanoi to join our club, which will...

Kids’ Got Talent – Hanoikids Newbie Graduation Ceremony

What does a “graduation ceremony” evoke in your mind? Emotive speeches, shiny gowns and mortarboards in the air?

It is not the case for Hanoikids Newbie graduation ceremony which is known as Kids’ Got Talent.

Reunion Day – Back To Home

Do you believe in Doomsday? Hanoikids does not. Because we made up a plan in advance for the night called “The reunion day” which took place on December 30th 2012.

“The reunion day” – the last event of Hanoikids in year 2012, is a fantastic chance for every kid to come back to our beloved family. Routinely held by Internal Relation Department (IR), it was a well-organized composition of music, comedies, dances, games, sharing and love in a cozy and delighted room at Hanoi Elementary School. “I didn’t think it was such a big room like this, I swear.
hanoikids fall recruitment 2013

Hanoikids 2013 Fall Recruitment – Report and Results

[caption id="attachment_2279" align="alignnone" width="720"] Hanoikids Recruitment posters in different universities in Hanoi[/caption]

If  Hanoikids Voluntary English Club is a feast of global exploration, self-discovery and enjoyment of off-comfort-zone experience for interested students, the Regular Recruitments are certainly the step to prepare the indispensable ingredients for that feast. With no exception, Hanoikids has successfully organized the 2013 Fall Recruitment, which attracted more than 700 applicants from all over Hanoi.

Cultural project “THE JOURNEY 1750”

[Vietnamese version: Click here]

“The Journey 1750” is a cultural project held by Hanoikids Voluntary English Club with a view to sparking the young people’s thirst for more knowledge of Vietnamese traditions in general and Hanoi culture in particular. This year, the program focally revolves around the main theme “Hanoi culture”.
Its format is inspired by Amazing show – a world-famous reality show and Running man - a Korean variety show which has taken Asia by storm in the last few years.

Reunion day 2014 – Baby, it’s cold outside!

Hanoi is very cold now, right? Yes, but Hanoikids’ members do not feel cold anymore! Since ‘Reunion day’ which was held at night in 28th December 2014 has warmed us up by bringing us...

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