Walking and Photos

Almost all visitors believe that taking photos is an interesting way to keep their memories about the destinations where they go. To help you have a nice journey in the Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long, this blog will suggest some places for you and your friends or family.

    • In front of the Main Gate

This ancient gate was built in the 15th century under the Lê Dynasty and restored under Nguyễn Dynasty. With its huge and noticeable wall, many visitors spend a lot of time in their tour standing in front of the gate to have the nicest picture. You will see a lot of groups of students taking their graduation photos here. On the second floor, there is a large yard with numerous ornamental trees. It was here that the monarch motivated warriors before conflicts, greeted returning triumphant soldiers, and saw martial arts and folk games.

    • In the exhibition rooms

There are some exhibition rooms about dragons and antiques in different dynasties in the Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long. If you walk through these rooms a few times, you will remember and understand about the culture and history of Hanoi easily and clearly. To explore how students in the past studied and took an exam, just enter the exhibition room located on the left of the Kính Thiên Palace.

    • In the Military Operation Bunker

Located underground nd opposite of the Kính Thiên Palace, the Military Operation Bunker reappears exactly how generals of Vietnamese Army control the two defenses against American bombings in the North and most remarkably, the “Dien Bien Phu in the air” (Operation Linebacker II) in 1972.

    • In front of the Kính Thiên Palace

Kính Thiên Palace was constructed in 1428 during the reign of the Lê dynasty. It used to be a significant palace where the court performed the most serious rites, hosted foreign delegations, and met to discuss state concerns.

    • North Gate

North Gate was built to serve as a guard tower gazebo and one of the five gateways leading to the Imperial Citadel. There are still two marks of French cannonballs from the 1882 French invasion on Hanoi.

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