erhaps after many years when we are already mature and living somewhere else far away from this city, whenever we return and wander along those acquainted landmarks and familiar street corners, we will all feel like we are stepping on the old footpaths. We will recall ourselves sweating in the blue and white uniform T-shirt, soothingly talking English while swiftly striding ahead. We would see ourselves sitting at Ngon restaurant or contemplating the sunshiny hanging garden filled with the pervasive fragrant of egg coffee in Giang café. We would stroll along the roads we used to take, wondering whether our foot prints still imprint somewhere.

That is it.

Every corner of Hanoi would remind us of our fantastic time in Hanoikids. And who knows, at that very moment when we were time travelling to the past, we could bump into a student, in the same uniform, leading tour- a future kid.

If I happened to meet them, I would definitely approach and wave a familiar greeting “Hi Kids”. We would instantly understand we belong to the same family, though we never meet before. Understandably, an invisible string always ties us, just like how it did and is doing to unite our big family.

And in such way, the story about Hanoikids keeps going on.

Written by Le Son Tung.

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