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The revival

In response to barriers from the Covid-19 pandemic, Hanoikids has adapted and made timely, revolutionary changes in the period 2021-2022.

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The new look of the website – 2021

2021 (website)

With a more attractive appearance and more effective UX UI for users compared to the former one, the new website was proud to be one of the most worthy investment products of Hanoikids. This marked the club’s professionalism in enhancing the best quality tour booking service for visitors, also working as an online profile to officially give accurate and latest information about Hanoikids for all who are interested in Hanoikids’ activities.

The evaluation of Hanoikids’ brand identity – 2021

2021 (brand identity)

Realizing that the logo and brand identity appeared inadequate in terms of visibility and information provision for ages, Hanoikids decided to refresh it. The new identity was designed to be more suitable in the current situation and optimized for actual use. À Creative Agency was trusted to redesign and synchronize the brand identity.

The official launch of Virtual Tour – 2022

2022 (Virtual Tour)

Due to Covid-19, most traveling activities were restricted all around the world. To face the harsh situation, in January 2022, Hanoikids officially launched a brand-new type of tour called Virtual Tour. Through online platforms, we were able to bring our top attractions, fun facts, and fantastic untold stories to the tourists. Although our members miss being travel mates, this is our best effort to communicate with the world and hope for a better situation in Vietnam.