Warning of fake organizations

Dear our beloved guests,

First of all, we would like to express our gratitude towards your interest in our group. We are very much honored to have had the chance to be your travel companions during your time in Hanoi. We hope that to a certain extent, we did manage to be decent ‘representatives’ of our city.

Having taken part in one of our tours, you must certainly know the aim of our group. It is to provide our volunteers with a chance to practice their English and meet new friends from every part of the world. More importantly, we hope to introduce you to our culture in the most authentic manner, without being influenced by either money or politics. In short, this organization was founded and is now operated based on the good will of a group of young people with a love for their city.

However, recently there have been some fake websites with the same name, logo, web interface or other clubs using our tours’ photos with bad purpose. This tries can ruin our reputation that we have had to work for years in order to achieve. They appear genuine to many tourists who try to book a tour with them.

Through some investigation, we have found out their trick: the booking requests are usually responded to nicely, but then the tour guides never show up. On the occasion that they do appear, the tour will then be conducted in a careless manner. This has left many tourists confused and disappointed. Some let it go but with a very bad impression about Hanoikids, some go to traveling websites and leave bad reviews. By doing this, not only have they seriously affected our group’s name, but they also create a bad image in the minds of travelers of a city with bad service and dishonest people.

We are working hard to find out who is behind this and what their motives might be. However, right now we need your help. If you recommend our group to family and friends who are traveling to Hanoi, please remind them we only have ONE OFFICIAL WEBSITE which is www.hanoikids.org and ONE email address for tour bookings which is hanoikidsvn@gmail.com.

Please be aware that the following websites www.hanoikidstours.com, www.hanoikids.com, https://hanoifreelocaltours.com/hanoikids-tour-booking/ or http://www.kidtourhanoi.com are NOT affiliated with our HanoiKids and the email address info@hanoikidstours.com is NOT a valid or official email address for HanoiKids. All web/email addresses other than the ones first mentioned above are NOT ours. You can also help by spreading the message on TripAdvisor and other media, so that other tourists will know and not fall for their trick.

Thank you so much for spending some time to read this email. We would really appreciate it if you could help us out in this matter.

We wish you all the best.

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