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Virtual Tour

Travelling may be limited due to the Covid-19 pandemic but the experience of discovering incredible places across the globe doesn’t have to be. Our new initiative — the Virtual Tour — brings you Vietnamese top attractions, fun facts and fantastic untold stories online!

With the topic “Into Viet people”, Hanoikids hopes to accompany you on an interesting trip beyond your own four walls.


General Tour Package Information:

• Starting time: Your choice – Local Time Zone.
• Duration: ~ 1 hour.
• Platform: Google Meet / Zoom.
• Note: In 1 hour, it will be suitable when you choose 2 storylines, but if you are interested in more than 2, do not hesitate to negotiate with our Kids, the tour can last longer.

Tour Options:

Into Viet People 

This tour is the daily life of the largest ethnic group in Vietnam – Việt People. You will be able to explore some of the most outstanding features that are unique to Vietnamese culture, traditions, and beliefs.


The tour will be delivered through four distinct storylines, namely Ancestral worshipping, Wet-rice cultivation, Vietnamese New Year, and House layout.

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