The poetic beauty of Yen stream in autumn can melt the hearts of any photographer and tourist. This is the perfect place to go on a quiet autumn day in the outskirts of Hanoi.

Yen stream is packed during springtime when hundreds of visitors travel here to enjoy the sacred atmosphere of the famous Perfume Pagoda festival. It is the only water way to reach Huong Pagoda. Tourists usually spend an hour on the stream before reaching Chua Huong. The stream itself is not too lengthy but is long enough to attract travelers. The stream curving around the majestic mountains creates a poetic scenery.

During fall, Yen stream becomes more peaceful. There are no busy lines of boats or laughter and chatter heard in festival seasons. The stream is pure and peaceful. Sometimes, a few off-season tourists come and enjoy themselves among the simple lives of the locals.

From September to November, lilies on the surface look like a painting of Yen stream. Under the autumn sun, tourists can sit back in their boats and let themselves flow along the water. Get away from the sorrow and stress and feel the peace and simplicity of the Yen stream during autumn.

Lilies usually blossom in the morning and retract when the sun goes down, which create a pink border on the sides of the stream. The flowers don’t gather to form a massive sea of lilies, but scatter and separate to different parts of the surface, which makes them even more appealing to look at.

Apart from the lilies, the peaceful atmosphere and the simple life of the locals adds to the beauty of Yen Stream.

Source: Vietnamnet

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