Vietnamese cuisine has long been on the map for its subtle combination of tastes which emphasizes on bringing out the ingredients’ freshness and natural flavors rather than masking them by an excessive mix of spices. However, on visiting our country, some vegetarian tourists may have a hard time earning an insight into this divine charm as the city’s restaurants seem to be awash with meat-based dishes such as beef noodle, grilled pork bread/noodle, spring rolls (usually made from pork)…

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Is the vegetarian food in Hanoi that poor in diversity and barely of passable quality? The answer is a big, fat “No”! Though we would not go so far as to categorize Hanoi as a giant heaven for vegetarians, the city does offer amazing lovely treats for those who have a soft spot for veggies. Let us guide you through some restaurants where your vegetarian palate can be comfortingly pampered with their scrumptious menu.

1. Nàng tấm

This is a lovely small vegitarian restaurant a bit further down from the old quarter and rather hard to find its location. Nevertheless, the cuisine experience awaiting you is absolutely worth the trouble of working out the routine to get there. You can find the vegetarian versions of quite a few Vietnamese traditional dishes with a few rustic twists to create a harmonious blend of scents and flavors. Do not be fooled by its humble exterior, it is the glorious moment of savoring its beautifully-made delicacies that give us the reason to put Nàng Tấm on this list.

  • Space: The restaurant is not very spacious but its room design and furniture arrangement do a good job on not giving you the feeling of a cramped space.
  • Price: a meal should cost 100 000 -125 000 VND per person
  • You should try: Vien tuyet hoa (their signature dish), a diversity of vegetarian noodles (noodle stir-fried with mushroom, bún dọc mùng, bún thang…)
  • Address: 79 Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi

2. Loving hut

Loving hut a vegetarian restaurant chain offering a variety of luscious dishes which come in the form of both set meals and the choice to eat à la carte. The set meals are extremerely cheap with the lowest price set at 25 000 VND (roughly 1.2 dollars). Do not let the inexpensive price raise doubts about the food’s quality, just reserve your judgment, grab the spoon and “Bon appetite”!

  • Price:
    • A set meal normally costs from 25 000  to 30 000 VND  per person
    • 70 000 –100 000 VND should be enough to cover a meal à la carte.
  • You should try: a simple set meal or its sweet and sour “ribs”, braised fish
  • Address:  192 Quan Thanh, Hanoi

3. Hanoi social club:

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Despite the fact that this place is not particularly specialized in vegetarian food, its western-style vegetarian dishes add a mouth-watering touch to the menu. Besides, the caring and professional service of this restaurant’s staffs absolutely deserves a pat on the back.

  • Space: relaxed and comfortable, especially ideal for those who love to socialize
  • Price: ranging from 120 000 – 150 000 VND per dish
  • Address: 6 Hoi Vu, Hanoi

4. New day

New day has a small vegetarian section in its menu though  it does not share the spotlight with the above restaurants when it comes to vegetarian dishes. Feel free to ask the waiters to recommend what to order since they mostly can speak English and be willing to help you out.

  • Space: New Day is a three-story restaurant whose space is a bit limited in comparison to the massive number of customers packed in it.
  • Price: 35 000 – 75 000 VND per dish
  • You should try: a combo consisting pea soup, tofu with mushroom sauce, grilled eggplant, vegetarian spring rolls served with rice, stir-fried vegetables.
  • Address: 72 Ma May, Hanoi

5. Trúc lâm trai

  • Space: The restaurant embraces quaint, Chinese-style decors. The room is rather quiet and a bit dark.
  • Price: quite affordable, from 30 000 – 40 000 VND/dish
  • You should try: their interesting sauces and salads
  • Address: 39 Le Ngoc Han, Hanoi

We hope that our above recommendations can come into handy for visitors new to the city who are either vegans or just simply keen to discover a novel aspect of Vietnamese cuisine in the name of vegetarian food. And believe us, the fact that you do not fancy the idea of consuming meat-based products will not get in your way of enjoying our gastronomic beauty, since Hanoi’s vegetarian food is more than pleased to offer you a welcome hand of friendship

Written by Xẻo – PR Department

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