S’s second trial tour with Buddy Duc- unforgettable memories 🙂

My Buddy called it his “most special tour” and to me, it couldn’t be more fantastic!

Samuel and Ferly were so kind and friendly. They are a gay couple. Yeah, this should be not at all normal to many people. But if they have a chance to meet and talk with Sam and Ferly, it is possible that they will change their mind. Maybe the way that the outsiders usually see LGBT people is just like the way I felt about Ferly. At first, judging from his appearance which was kind of similar to that of a gangster :3 I had thought that he must have been a dreadful guy. However, once we started our conversations, it dawned on me that he was, in fact, “extremely” gentle and (I have to say) purely cute! ^^

My Buddy told the guests that he was happy since our tour was not just about information. Actually, so was I. The tour did become much more meaningful when it offered us opportunities to share our thoughts and our values with one another. I have understood more about the LGBT community as well as how great the burden on them and their families is. LGBT people are special, but they are definitely not freaks! It is time for the whole society to be more tolerant and then more open-minded.

The moment when I was totally unaware that I was being given a gift is still clear in my mind. Holding it in my hand, just thought that I was helping the guest because as he said “My bags are getting heavier…”. :3 :3 Well, I know I might be a little bit idiotic. But it really didn’t matter as I looked at the guests and they were smiling (of course not with the intention of making fun of me ). You know, there is only one word to describe that feeling: awesome!

That is what you get when you are able to bring happiness to others, even only by trivial acts.

Both of my trial tours are over, and they would not have been that wonderful without my Buddy.

To my Buddy:
Thank you for accompanying and supporting me throughout the two tours! You taught me a lot. I will never forget the memories that we have had together: Being as wet as a drowned rat with you after the first tour, running for the bus and you being more open to me in the second trial tour I have never told you this, but I really admire you and your bravery to live with the true you.

Thanks a million!!!

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