Tour report from Kaze after the tour:

What did you choose to celebrate our National Independence Day? Lucky I was that I did not have to find the answer for this question because the chance of going on tour with Mr. Ron Kirk – the United States Trade Representative – was knocking my door just one day before the high time!

The scenery on that day was as similar as has been described in many poems or proses about our nation’s remarkable milestone on September 2nd, 1945. The weather was so beautiful that helped me considerably in composing myself when I left home. Together with my partner – our adorable President Đường Hồng Anh – we headed to the Hỏa Lò Prison and arrived at the destination pretty early.

We met Mr. Tinney – an officer working for the US Embassy in Vietnam – at the main gate of the prison, and had a thirty-minute-discussion about the agenda of the tour with him. After that, we jointly waited for Mr. Ron Kirk, who following appeared with his colleagues when the clock pointed at 9:25 A.M.

Coming to Vietnam this time, Mr. Ron Kirk not only desired to converse about Trade and Economy with our Government, but also wanted to be an ambassador whose responsibility was tightening the relationship between the two nations on other aspects. It was the reason why he chose Hoa Lo Prison as a place where he could know more about the wars in Vietnam; and would love to be called “Ambassador Kirk”, alternately “the Trade Representative”. Thus, he was more than enjoyable when seeing the slogan of Hanoikids on our uniforms as he joked that the group including three ambassadors: one big and two little ones!

RenZ, Kaze and Mr. Ron Kirk

The three ambassadors had a small talk before starting the tour. One of the most special moments was when Mr. Ron Kirk said that I was at the same age as his daughter. On the other hand, thanks to some biographies about him that I had read previously, I also acknowledge that he and my father were all born in 1954. This coincidence made us laugh freely and swiftly broke the ice between us. Instead of being worried and suffering from a flutter, we felt absolutely at ease and willing to tell the big ambassador the best of our knowledge about Hoa Lo Prison.

Inside the prison, we took turns to share stories with Mr. Ron Kirk and rejoiced seeing him concentrate on even a single tale. To be honest, the ambassador was the first one among all of our guests from the beginning of our going-on-tour life until now, who read every caption of each picture! Furthermore, he also showed his interests in Vietnamese history as well as our young generation’s points of view.

The tour ended with a clap of thunder on that autumn morning. Before bidding each other farewell, we together joined in an only picture to memorize that extraordinary occasion. What was more, we were given two coins with ambassador Kirk’s signature as tokens for our effort. And that was our day!

Tour with America Trade Representative 2
Gifts from Ambassador Ron Kirk

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Written by Kaze[/author_info] [/author]