On Jun 3 and 4, 2014, Hanoikids had the honor to arrange tours for CODEL (Congressional Delegation) from U.S. House of Representatives to visit Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts and Hoa Lo Prison (“Hanoi Hilton”).

During the tour, Hanoikids members in charge provided members of U.S. Congress with the general information about these popular tourist attractions in Hanoi and answer their questions in Vietnamese tradition and culture reflected in each exhibit. Besides, our members helped the delegation understand more about Vietnam youth through their sharing about students’ life and expectation. The members of US Congress highly appreciated Hanoikids’s efforts in guiding them as well as many tourist from the US to Vietnam. Though the visit lasted for only 45 minutes, it was truly a memorable experience the eight Hanoi kids.

The report from Hoanh Bino after the tour:

At first, knowing that there would be 20 delegates + 2 staffs from the U.S. Embassy was quite a shock for us 4 kids. However, they asked for a tour guide from the prison and our mission for today was alleviated a lot.

After talking to his wife, I felt so honoured that I was escortting Mr. John Kline – Commitee Chairman of Education and the Workforce from U.S Congress and he is the leader of the US delegation visiting Vietnam this time! Then having a few words with him, I knew that this morning he had a meeting with some heads of Vietnam universities/colleges about how the government supporting students to study abroad, how many of them come back to develop the country and so on.

Hanoikids's members in charge: Hoanh, Sẽ, Dori and Mox.
Hanoikids’s members in charge: Hoanh, Sẽ, Dori and Mox.

It was also a pleasure to talk to his Communications Director. And as a student of Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, I did not fail to amaze the guests
– Great! It’s great that you want to be a diplomat.
– Not really. My major is International Communications, so I like organizing events or work at the PR Department of a company.
– Nice. Or maybe you can work at the communications field like I do.
– What do you do exactly?
– I’m Mr. Kline’s Communications Director. I follow him and deal with the press, answering the questions about policy or plans.
– Must be big responsibility.
– Yeah, but it is a privilege and I really like it.
– Sure. Maybe I want to do something like you.

Well, the tour was very short as it seemed that the US delegates just wanted to know how their pilots lived in Hoa Lo prison during wartime. And they seemingly recognized someone they know from a photo of the captured pilots

Receiving the gifts must be the most amusing part of the tour. The 4 kids squeaked so much that the staff from Hoa Lo Prison had to wonder.

Gift from US House of Representatives
Gift from US House of Representatives

We tell you, a notebook with the “U.S. House of Representatives” logo, a ruler gold plate and a pin (or 2 for girls) with the USA and U.S Congress flags are worth the shout and jump. But above all, it’s the chance to go on tour with the CODEL.

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