I wrote this story for all lovely Kids to share my precious lesson on tour. For my lovely friends Ken, Betty, Phuongxien, Cro, Nuga and Stacie.

When I was chased by that cruel black dog in the morning on my way to their hotel, I just felt something not-right might happen to me. And my gut feeling rarely gave me wrong signals…

Thanks to my pretty friends Thuong Nuga and Stacie; Phuongxien and I had chances to go on two wonderful tours with our beloved American guests Ken and Betty. The story I’m gonna tell you happened on our second tour.

It seemed to be a hard day for us. I was chased unreasonably by a big black dog on my way to Ken and Betty’s hotel, oh God! I was so scared, running without turning my head back until I arrived at the hotel!!! When I was there, Xien called me and said her scooter suddenly got broken on the road, so she would be late and felt so sorry for that! My little girl, that’s not her fault!

Lucky us our guests were so nice and kind. We chatted happily while waiting for Xien at the hotel. Finally, Xien came and we – Mr. Ken, Xien and I started our tour (Betty wanted to rest at the hotel and went around by her own on that day).

We had such an enjoyable time walking, filming, interviewing, singing and taking photos on the Long Bien Bridge – our destination in the morning tour. We even bought some fresh jack fruit from a guy in the middle of the bridge and enjoyed it together! Everything went smoothly until we reached the bridge foot and Ken suddenly realized that his wallet HAD GONE!!!

What the hell was happening! Xien and I were never ever faced with this kind of situation before! Even though we could not know anything to do for sure at that time, and Ken was also really confused, we decided to divide us into two groups, Xien came back to the bridge with a willing-to-help scooter driver; the only suspect we could think of was that JACK-FRUIT-GUY!!! Ken and I jumped on a scooter and were driven to the nearest police station! I swore I had only one dollar on my pocket at that time! But God help people who can help themselves, sympathizing with our poor situation, the woman driver only charged half of one dollar for the quite long road she drove us, thank Goodness!

Then came a BIG DIFFICULTY! Ken was so nervous and confused that he was not sure whether he had lost the wallet on the taxi we took to the bridge or at the place of that jack-fruit-guy! I translated what he wanted to say to the police. What a shame! Those police officers could do nothing to help us, except for writing some kind of property insurance I did not understand much! Xien came to the police station. The guy insisted NOT getting any wallet!?!

OK. Then we had two little girls and one confused guest. We had half of one dollar and knew nothing to do.

Xien said nothing. Just NOTHING. I could not stand this fact. I called Cro. He’s the first one I could ask for an advice. One minute. And two. No one hang up the phone. He’s sleeping I guessed. I was absolutely confused! Aaaaaaaaa

Daddy was the next choice. His words calmed me down a little bit. I felt better but still confused. Then Cro called back. I was on the street when he called, telling him all the stupid situation and messy feelings… Again I was calmed down by his advice. Felt better.

Xien and I decided to come back Ken’s hotel and find some help. We took a cab.

At the hotel, it started raining. Betty was informed about the incident. Without Ken’s wallet, they had no money. His credit card, her credit card, cash, important paper… all were kept inside of the lost wallet. Xien and I felt miserably sorry for that sad situation. Yes, we seriously did. But Betty was a really charming woman. She kept saying “Mercy! Mercy!”, telling me about their loss during traveling all over the world, and insisted that they got used to be lost like this many times! How lovely she was! She tried to make me feel better! Xien asked the receptionists to call the taxi company and then the police station. The receptionists in Hanoi Elegance Diamond Hotel were very kind; they tried to help us sincerely. However, nobody could actually help to find the wallet.

I could not just sit there, doing nothing. I felt so sorry. I felt terrible. I wanted to do something.

It’s him. The jack-fruit-guy. I remembered when Ken opened his wallet to get the money to buy fruit, he suddenly wanted to take a picture of the guy with his fruit around! Maybe Ken forgot his wallet somewhere on the guy’s scooter? I was not sure. But…

“Just give it a TRY!” That’s the sentence I kept saying back and forth until I successfully convinced Xien to drive Ken back to the bridge to ask that guy again. I would absolutely go with him if I had my scooter there. Xien was brave and smart. I counted on HER.

Betty and I read newspaper when waiting for them. Honestly I could not focus on the page, reading the same paragraph three times or more.

Suddenly! Xien called me! I was thrilled when she mostly shouted WE GOT THE WALLET! THEY GOT THE WALLET! I jumped up crazily and shouted uncontrollably that sentence again and again and hugged Betty tightly! Could not believe that! Miraculous!

The jack-fruit-guy kept Ken’s wallet, which was exactly what I thought. He tried to do bad things but Xien was so brave that she quickly drove Ken away from the guy’s place!

The cards were safe, important paper was safe, the cash stayed remain.

It was breathtaking.

I received Ken and Betty’s letter for us yesterday. It read:
…You girls are Vietnam’s best ambassadors! We know you all have bright futures. As we say in San Diego “Micasa Essacasa” (My house is your house)
Love + Hugs
Betty and Ken Myron”

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