A sunny morning following a hard rainy night seemed to be the good start for our nice tour. It took a long time for Thuy and I to come back, so we were a little bit nervous.

Before the tour, Hanoikids’ Tour Operation Department forwarded email from U.S. Embassy Hanoi to us and all the information we had was a tour with “a high-level visitor for the US Embassy”. It was just until this Friday could we know the name of our guest. As a habit of searching information about partners of External Relations Department, I found a lot of interesting words about him. Thuy and I felt very lucky when we have chance to meet and learn experiences from an important person of The USA Government.

We waited for our guest at the gate of Temple of Literature and it was easy for us to see him because of searching his images before. We were surprised when we knew that he walked from Hanoi Sofitel Metropole Hotel to Temple of Literature and went without bodyguard. This made us feel more comfortable and it was just like any other tours we have ever taken which allow us to spend a lot of time going around and talking with him like a friend.

We visited Temple of Literature, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Hoa Lo Prison and Hoan Kiem Lake. In these places, we can share our points of view, what we know about long history of Vietnamese education, our high appreciation for Uncle Ho, thinking of young Vietnamese about Vietnam War and problems related to China as well. Vietnamese love peace, freedom and would like to make friends with all the countries around the world. We are very happy to hear our guest says that the relationship between Vietnam and The USA is getting better and better.

Ngay 13.7.2014 Dan tour cho bac EVAN MEDEIROS – Giám đốc cao cấp phụ trách các vấn đề châu Á thuộc Hội đồng an ninh quốc gia - Nhà trắng

Meeting with Mr. Evan gave me a lot of thinking and precious experiences from an excellent and caring man. He is a senior political scientist of President Barack Obama, especially in Asia affairs and China issues. Thuy and I were impressed by his high-academic background when he holds a Ph.D in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He also achieved Fullbright Scholarship. I felt very lucky when I could get experiences from him about International Relations – one of fields that I want to study to get Master Degree beside Economics or Global Communication. I was inspired by his sharing. I know it will be a long and hard way but now I have had great efforts to try my best to achieve my plans.

Besides, we see that he is such a caring man. Traveling for work but he still try to go around to buy some souvenirs for his family. Hope he will have good time in Hanoi. I also felt lucky when taking this tour with my partner in Leader Board. Thank you so much for the sweet ice-cream as a gift for my birthday!

Thanks Tour Operation Department for giving us this nice tour. It is like a special gift for my birthday. I hope our club will receive much more tours like this and Hanoikids will greatly contribute to the development of good relationship between Vietnam and The USA as the slogan: “Be a little ambassador of Hanoi”.

Members in charge: Sunny and Búp Xì
Written by Sunny