Following the success of Fall Recruitment 2013, Hanoikids gladly welcomes 39 new official members who are ready to embark on amazing adventures with our foreign visitors. To the new “Kids”, not only the number of tours but also the tours’ quality are important tributes to which Hanoikids devoted. In view of preparing the information as well the experience for Kids, TOUR EXPERIENCE SHARING (TES) – a brand new event of Hanoikids was organised by the unprecedentedly large cooperation of three departments: Training, Tour Operation and External Relations.

With a view to creating an opportunity for Kids to share their touring stories, their solutions to unexpected situations, through which oldies can help equip newbies with essential skills and knowledge to become professional travel-mates with visitors to Hanoi.

TES – A chance for kids to meet and share

The first TES took place at Hanoi University of Science and Technology with the participation of more than 60 Kids. Prior to the main body of the event, Skye – an active lovely member – hit the stage, attracted all of the audience’s attention and gained their love with a warm low-pitched voice through the song “Yesterday” (The Beatles).

Trang Beo, a familiar face of the club stage, performed a beautifully good job as a charming and hilarious MC to smoothly lead the show through all 4 parts: Food games, Chat with Mr. Know-it-all, Sharing panel and How to deal with awkward situations while on tour.

Kids were really into the seminar

The organizers proved to have a lot of experiences and a thorough understanding about the most popular unexpected situations that Kids have to face while on tour, for instance, in describing names of several traditional Foods and Speciality such as Dracontomelum fruit (Quả Sấu), Duck fetus (Trứng Vịt Lộn) or Young green rice (Cốm).

Questions about some traditional Vietnam dishes

Of the four sessions, “Chat with Mr. Know-it-all” seemed to be most expected with the splendid performance of Hung Cut, dressed up in suit-and-tie with fashionable sunglasses giving him a mysterious and cool look. He managed to skillfully give appropriate responses to a lot of hard questions from newbies. “Sharing Panel” stood out as the brightest spot when Kids all sat down in a circle telling and listening to gorgeous, interesting and even awkward and embarrassing memories having with foreign guests. There were a lot of stories, practical knowledge and skills that Kids could learn from each other, for example, how to effectively communicate with the guests, which situations would be the most difficult to handle, how Kids could improvise with contingencies. Through those sharing, Hanoikids hope new official members could be well-prepared for their upcoming tours.

Mr. Know-It-All

Although this is the first time TES was held, it turned out to be a great success thanks to the effort of three departments and the enthusiaism from the rest of Hanoikids members. From December 2013 on, TES will become Hanoikids’ regular event which takes place twice a year, after each recruitment in the spring and fall. Let’s keep calm and look forward to the second TES in the near future!

Kids shared experience and lessons with each other

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