Hanoikids is planning to extend our activities with a summer project for students living in Hanoi.summer project

Why we do this?

Our aim is to provide the secondary school students with the special hands-on experience of taking tours for the foreign visitors in Hanoi, which is what we – university students are doing now.

In the first year of organizing such a promising project, we choose about 5 secondary students, who have a good standard of English and are keen on history and culture to travel around Hanoi with you.

During each tour, a member of our club, who has shown great enthusiasm with this project and a secondary student will accompany you going to different sites of Hanoi, discovering and experiencing the greatest in Hanoi.

Are the students qualified to go on tours?

Before going on a tour, the students has also been trained and provided with intensive knowledge about the culture and history of Hanoi.

Through this project, we would like to infuse our club’s spirit, encourage students to learn actively and use English more frequently by giving them the chances of connecting and interacting more with foreigners.

We believe that this activity will be a special opportunity for secondary students in Vietnam to learn English more actively, hence, they will not only improve their English skills but also boost their confidence, be ready to be a future global citizen.

How to join our summer project

If you are keen on this project and would like to give it a try, please choose this type of tour in our tour packages – Option H6. (Link to the booking form)

If you have any questions or concerns about this summer project, please feel free to give a ring to our Tour Operation Department: Ms. Mai Anh at +84 943 700 689 or Ms. Thuy Duong at +84 906 237 730, they would be willing to help.

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