Shopping in Hanoi is an opportunity to discover and relish the unique stores and products at reasonable prices. Unlike other cities and regions, Hanoi residents are keen on buying items on street shops rather than in supermarkets or shopping malls. The streets in Hanoi are filled with the locals’ tiny boutiques and almost any kinds of commodities are pretty reachable. Here are some suggestions for products that you can purchase in Hanoi.

1. Silk products, embroidery and clothes

If you are interested in fashion, the unique silk products with delicate traditional decorations in the Old Quarter would be a great choice. For example,  Hang Gai street with quite a few of silk shops will certainly satisfy your demand. The biggest wholesale market in Hanoi, Dong Xuan market is another famous place for its wide selection of silk and cloth. Tourists, especially women, should check out Vietnamese traditional female costume: Ao Dai on some streets such as Bach Mai, Kham Thien or Luong Van Can, or you also can order the tailor-made Ao Dai of your own in some designer boutiques.

Cloth in different patterns
Cloth in different patterns

 Famous designer boutiques :  Khai Silk at  96 Hang Gai street, Le Minh Silk at Le Minh Silk at 79 Hang Gai, Allure Boutique at 11A Bao Khanh, La Boutique and the Silk at  6 Nha Tho street. Well-known Ao Dai Designer Boutiques at No.6 and 8 or 23 Luong Van Can street, Ao Dai Viet Nam (48 Trang Thi)

2. Handicrafts

Handicrafts in Hanoi varies from vehicles, to carts, statuettes, toys made of polished, glazed wood and oil paintings, prints and assorted antique.

Some significant shopping destinations: Hang Gai, Dinh Liet, Hang Khay and Cau Go streets. (Ma May, Ta Hien, Ly Quoc Su)


3. Art

Inside a gallery

As the center of Vietnamese contemporary flourishing art scene,  Hanoi hosts many galleries of oil, silk, water and lacquer paintings. Almost all of the paintings are original and offered with door-to-door delivery as well as free frames in most cases. Some famous galleries in Hanoi can be found on: Hang Trong, Hang Gai and Trang Tien streets.

4. Books

Books in different languages (most popularly in French and English) are available at really affordable prices. Foreign language bookstores on Trang Tien street and other discounted ones on Nguyen Xi streets are the best locations for reading lovers. The Bookworm shop (44 Chau Long street), is also highly recommended, but please notice that it is located near the West Lake and pretty far from the Old Quarter.


5. Food and beverage

Dried food is something you should not miss out on in Hanoi. Give the dried spiced beef on Hang Giay street and dried salted fruits (Ô mai) on Hang Duong a shot or you even can bring such authentic taste back your country as gifts . In some shops, you are allowed try out the samples first before deciding whether or not to buy.

Ô mai
Ô mai

For beverage, if you can savor Vietnamese coffee’s bitterness, then pick up some coffee packs with diverse brands, types and sizes on Hang Buom street or drop by Trung Nguyen coffee (No.1 Dinh Tien Hoang street) to try out our most well-known coffee. The strong fragrance of coffee in the shops and free trial cups ( on Hang Buom street) can be a sheer pleasure for tourists.


  •  Bargain is a must when you go shopping in Hanoi. Since most of the shops are private, the price is usually flexible and is often 20 – 30% more expensive than the normal one.
  • Compare different shops thoroughly before deciding on where to buy and what to pay, since local shopkeepers tend to overcharge tourists.

Written by Búp – PR Department

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