Today I want to tell you how much Hanoikids means to me.

I have been living in Hanoi since August 2013 for university. Before that, I used not to be interested in Hanoi, and rarely came here. To me, Hanoi was a city of crowdedness, competitiveness, which is totally not for someone who was reserved and spent most of her day staying indoors. But I was surprised by myself at how quickly I adapted to life here. I made lots of new friends, started to go out more often and became more daring. When I applied for Hanoikids, I did not think seriously that I would make it because I had failed so many times with other notorious clubs. My friends encouraged me to give it a try, and now I am really glad I did. The day I received the call from Ciu, I screamed on the phone and could not remember how many times I said “thank you” to her. You cannot imagine how much this means to me. It’s like a proof that finally, I am good enough for something. Finally, someone accepts me, saying that “We want you”.

Therefore, I have been trying very hard during the training, trying to show that I deserve this chance. The first training at Temple of Literature (TOL) really excited me. I even came there the day before to study myself. After learning by heart all 10 questions, I had an idea “why not practice right away by guiding someone as a travel mate?” I knew it was a crazy idea, and it took me 30 minutes just to convince myself to do it. I thought “you are in Hanoikids now, you must do something different. You are in Hanoikids now, you can do it. Other oldies have done many things even more daring, you can’t do this little tiny thing?” Before I knew it, I had found myself standing in front of TOL gate, holding the sign “Travel mate newbie. Need foreigners’ help. FREE.”

Every time we changed the location of training, I had to look up the map very carefully or even went there beforehand to make sure I would not get lost. As I said, I used to be very scared of going out, especially to somewhere I was not familiar with. In the 3rd round – Interview, Ciu asked me “Do you know the way around Old Quarter?” I responded confidently “I don’t now, but after getting lost a few times, I definitely will”. To be honest, I was not that confident. I was worried if I couldn’t remember the way around Old quarter. Again, the fact that “I am a member of Hanoikids” changed everything. I must know the streets, I must remember the streets, there is no time to freak out, to worry about getting lost. Always packing a map with me, I take on the challenge of OQ. In order to brace myself, I always thought “Old Quarter, you can’t scare me anymore”. Although I did get lost 3, 4 times, I managed to find a way out and arrived home safely, feeling proud of myself more than ever before.

So you see, I have changed a lot since I came to Hanoi, even more since I became a newbie of Hanoikids. I have forced myself to come out of my comfort zone, doing things I would never imagine I could do. “Hanoikids”, to me, is more than just a club of energetic and friendly and professional youths. It is a certificate. It is a motivation. It is a challenge to change who I am, to strive to be better and better everyday.

I am saying, if I were to go back in time once again, I would still choose to apply for Hanoikids. And I would not exchange anything for this opportunity of a lifetime to become a Kid, Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say “Thank you for having chosen me. Thank you for accepting me. Thank you Hanoikids ♥”
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Written by Thuy Lan[/author_info] [/author]

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