Off the beaten track tour!! – The weirdest tour everrrr!!!

My guests today is Mr Mark Colegave and Mrs Christine Penney. They are from Victoria, Canada, a place named City of flower.

Mark is a climber, runner and an athlete! His email sent to us is so short with just a few words so at first, I felt so scared that it would be not a nice tour , not to mention the fact that I accidentally find his website on the internet about travelling and HE ONCE RUN ACROSS VIETNAM IN 2000 OMG T.T

But the first moment I met them, it’s just awesome!! They laughed, smiled and joked with my partner, which relieved me much All the information that I revised the night before suddenly turned into ash because they totally changed the plan They want to have a walk in Bach Thao park and then we will walk to Flower Market in Nghi Tam and then it will be Long Bien Bridge. I have never been to those places with my tourists before, which makes me feel so stressed and confused :'(

But when walking with them, it’s nothing with the tired mood, just about laughter and stories about stories of more than 50 countries they have been to!! Mark’s nickname is Boar because he did crazy things!! For example, he once jumped from a plane because he wanted to cure his fear of height, but it doesnt work, what a shame :)) and the another reason why he had that nick name is because he was once a vegetarian for 13 years. But oneday, he cannot resist his hunger so he ate boar. So the time for vegetarian ended since then.

He once ran about 84 kms in Vietnam but ended up in the hospital. He told that his organs stopped working and that was the most scaring moment for Chris. When Mark ran across VN, he was so scared that maybe VNese people would think he is an American and did harm to him So he had to tid a ribbon across the forehead “Canada “. But people still said “They are American people!” But the interesting part is that they added “Number 1 before “American“, what came as shock for Mark :))

Mark’s favourite place is Amazon because it’s sooo wild and natural. The people there are naked, with a gift for hunting and medicine.

This tour is a tour that they helped us to correct our pronunciation about the word “world”, “durian” and “yellow”. The way Asian people often speaks is “Jellow”, and it’s a kind of food, not a colour. So along the Long Bien bridge, I am just gonna crazy and repeat the word for approximately 100 times for “yellow” =(( But luckily, I managed to do it, :)) It’s “a big step above other Asian people”, said Mark :))

*One interesting fact is that he changes the name Ha Noi to Horny City :))
*So glad and super happy to listen to Standard English!! Their English is so sweet that I just fall in love from the first moments!!!!

Member in charge: Cìu và Bơ
Written by Cìu

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