Northern Vietnam is going through the hottest summer since 2009 while the central region is drying up in the worst heat ever, according to experts who blame the scorcher on El Nino and climate change.

The temperature hit 41.5 degrees Celsius, or 106.7 degrees Fahrenheit, in some central provinces, local media reported. The heat in Ha Tinh Province even melted a newly fixed road. Some travelers had their tires and shoes caught in the sticky asphalt Friday afternoon. The temperature in Hanoi surged to 40 degrees during the day. The heat eased only a little at night. It was so hot that a video has gone viral on the Internet, showing a local man frying an egg and beef just by putting his pan on an outdoor brick floor.

A road melts in Ha Tinh Province. Photo credit: VnExpress

A source from the Central Hydro-meteorological Forecasting Center said the heat will continue in the coming days and can increase to 42 degrees. Tran Quang Tien, deputy director of the center, told Tuoi Tre newspaper there are similar heat waves every May, but El Nino and climate change are making the one this year much harsher. Figures from the center showed that temperatures across Vietnam have been higher than the average of many years and the rainfall lower. The center said the weather in northern and central Vietnam will become milder during the weekend but the heat will return next week.

Many people choose the West Lake as a perfect swimming place. Photo credit:

Ho Chi Minh City and other places in southern Vietnam have started to see thunderstorms the past weeks.

Experts said the heat can make many people sick, especially older people and children, those with cardiological, respiratory conditions, Parkinson’s and mental illnesses. Hospitals in Hanoi have received more patients the past week, with many children suffering from pneumonia and meningitis. Doctors said parents should keep the children indoor around noon, keep them cool and hydrated.

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Source: ThanhNienNews

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