Located at No.72 Ma May Street in the Old Quarter, New Day stands out as a unique restaurant, with a distinctive style that can be observed in few restaurants in Hanoi.

The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes, particularly traditional foods of Hanoians, such as stir-fried pig ribs, roast pork and so on. Many dishes are served along with rice, just like an ordinary Vietnamese meal. In case you want to try less familiar foods, some amazing dishes like butter fried frog legs, goose, duck are also served. Besides, if you are a ‘big fan’ of Asian hot pots, this is a great opportunity to try several types of Vietnamese hot pots as well. Choices of beverages are various: beer, smoothies, tea, juice (passion fruit juice, guava juice and grapefruit juice are must-try ones), etc. Also, if you are worried to find restaurant which could serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish, New Day would satisfy you with vegetable spring roll or some other vegetable dishes. They would be pleased to cook a non-meat dish if you required.


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The dishes, despite being simply decorated, still well reflect Vietnamese food culture and Vietnamese traditions.

In terms of the layout, the restaurant, with simple appearance and a lot of tables on the front for guests to sit, might appear not to be so unique at first. The first floor is more spacious, but more crowded, while the top floor gives you a better chance to enjoy the view of streets in the Old Quarter. Plus, despite the narrow staircase, the atmosphere on the top floor is somehow more special, with a small balcony, old-fashioned brick walls, colonial hat-shaped lights and even the room where you can enjoy meals while sitting on the ground.

The service is satisfactory, with nice and enthusiastic staff who is willing to serve and explain the menu, the dishes… further to guests if necessary.

About the price here, though it can be considered a bit higher than that in other normal Vietnamese food stalls, the price is still reasonable, regarding the high quality of the dishes.

If you long for enjoying an ordinary Vietnamese meal right in the Old Quarter, New Day Restaurant would be a wise choice.

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