Loving hut for a long time has been one of the popular vegetarian restaurant chain, not only among working people like most of the similar kinds, but also among students.


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Loving hut food-shop is known as one of the few vegetarian restaurants that has developed into a chain, giving customers various and flexible choices on where to go, depending on their locations.

Coming to a Loving hut restaurant, the customers can immediately recognize the warm welcome from the staff and the medium to small size of the place gives them a cozy and home alike feel.

Moving onto the section for dishes provided at Loving hut, wide range of options with fair and low prices (from approximately VND 30000 per. dish) are always there to consider, from sauces dishes like different types of mushroom, tofu and aubergine cooked in brown vegetarian gravy to deep-fried and stir-fried dishes from rice dough, bok choy, vegetarian sausage and bitter melon. The restaurant also provide vegetarian buffet service, giving customers the chance to try many delights that Loving hut has to offer.


“Aubergine with brown vegetarian gravy”


“Stir-fried bok choy with shiitake mushroom”


“Deep-fried rice dough”


“Seaweed wrapped tofu”


“Batter fried onion rings”

If a restaurant with medium-price and still remarkable dishes is on the budget list of several customers, Loving hut food-shop chain is an ideal place to check out.


  • Loving Hut Thế giới chay, Nr. 192/4, Quán Thánh, Ba Đình.
  • Loving Hut An Lạc, Nr. 8, alley  40/2, Tạ Quang Bửu.
  • Loving Hut Nguồn Cội, Nr. 3, alley 121/10, Chùa Láng.
  • Loving Hut Thiên Phúc, Nr. 18, alley 71, Nguyên Hồng, Đống Đa.

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