May 29, 2006, Hanoikids was born based on the idea of several students. They, Hanoikids’ founders, used to hang out around Sword Lake making acquaintances with tourists to practice English via introducing about Hanoi as well as Vietnam to their new friends. Therefore, the club was started with a view to providing Hanoi students with better opportunities to improve English and to helping visitors experience Vietnam culture and beauty from the perspective of a local youngster. As a Vietnamese saying goes, “The beginning is always the toughest…”, the very first days of Hanoikids went through numerous difficulties in establishing foreign visitors’s trust, recruiting members, finding financial support and sponsorship, etc. Hard as it has been, today…

May 29, 2014 – 8 years later – Hanoikids is celebrating its birthday again in great pride and appreciation. Hanoikids’ members are proud to witness the club’s development into one of the biggest student-run organizations in Hanoi with widespread publicity and significant accomplishments. Now the number of “Kids” has so far exceeded 300, who have been doing more than 6000 tours with guests from 60 countries all over the world. Remarkably, there is an increasing number of tours with important figures from US and Australian governments in recent years. Besides, Hanoikids gradually gains more trust from their guests through 3 successive years of Winner on Tripadvisor as #1 in list of activities visitors should experience in Hanoi. And the club also earns large social recognition including many times on Vietnam national television (VTV), national newspapers such as Nhan Dan, Tuoi Tre, Thanh Nien, and being recommended by international press CNN and Telegraph. Most recently, it was an honor of Hanoikids to receive National Volunteer Award for Most Outstanding Volunteer Organization. Undoubtedly, all of these achievements have been reached thanks to the shared efforts of all Hanoikids’ members, oldies and newbies, to make every single member “a little ambassador of Hanoi“.


“Eight years have passed with generations after generations building up our club and our lovely home. Through many ups and downs, difficulties and challenges, the breezy spirit and unfading enthusiasm of the little ambassadors of Hanoi have still remained as the very first days” (President Nguyễn Thi Lệ Quyên). Hanoikids has always taken pride in being a cultural bridge and local assistance for visitors worldwide coming to Hanoi. Once again, we would like to send our most sincere thanks to our guests, who have given us so many praises and congratulations. These are a huge source of pride and pleasure to every kid. Importantly, on this occasion, Hanoikids’ current members would also wish to express appreciation to the club’s founders and previous generations for their valuable contribution to build the club into how it is today. We promise to keep developing it to live up to your and our guests’ expectation.

Happy birthday, our beloved Hanoikids!

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