It is our distinct honor and privilege to announce that Hanoikids Tour has been once again awarded Tripadvisor 2014 Certificate of Excellence. This has been the third successive time that Hanoikids is recognized with this eminent annual prize by Tripadvisor, the world`s largest travel network.

Throughout the year, we witnessed a remarkable and consistent surge in top ranks and reviews, which are the key requirements for this award. This strict selection definitely accounts for our great thrill and excitement to achieve the Certificate.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Hanoikids’ guests as you have placed confidence in touring with us and , with compliments and constructive feedbacks, made us known to the world. These positive reviews are of paramount importance to justify our deserving to this award. The presence of this certificate is undoubtedly an incontrovertible evidence for visitors’ trust in us and for our relentless efforts in improving our tours. This would be as well a huge source of encouragement for the whole club and every kid to keep on making progresses in the future.

We take much pride in this and promise to maintain and keep enhancing our tours’ quality to live up with your expectation.

Finally, your feedbacks are indeed valued so if you would like to leave a review, you can visit Hanoikids Tour on TripAdvisor. Thank you and look forward to your opinions.

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