On Sunday, October 31st 2010, Hanoikids had a great chance to go on a tour with Australian Prime MinisterMs. Julia Gillard MP at Temple of Literature during her recent visit to Hanoi.

With much enthusiasm, flexibility and preparation, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Loan (Loan Chullie), Ms. Vu Thi Thin (Lazy Cat) and Ms. Hoang Kieu Ngan (Ngan Natto) have brought the beauties of Vietnamese Culture and History to the Prime Minister. Though the visit lasted for only half an hour, it was truly a memorable experience the three lovely girls. Besides, the tour and stories relating to it filled all Hanoikids members with pride.

After four years of growth, Hanoikids club is bringing images of Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular to friends all over the world with our own wholehearted enthusiasm and passion.

Hanoikids and Aus Prime Minister 2

Hanoikids and Aus Prime Minister 3

The report written by Thin Lazy Cat after the tour:

Let’s keep the breath to turn vigorous sentiment into the memory stream and let’s make silent the other senses just feel by your own heart.

11:15: The noisy whistle had no enough power to disorder the space but the people’s mind. The group of foreign tourist went inside Temple…

Leah Yeak : 15 minutes left for her coming

Lightly breath, tried to make everything normal, we still felt the heart’s cadence, heard the gently breath and the sound of teeth’s colliding.

15 minutes went by…went by… second by second

Until the watch reached the number six

So the most crucial time eventually came when step by step we went outside the gate looked further in the crowd till the distance was absolutely shorten. Like in the fairy tale, only one time close the eyes and open and see the angel steps out from that. Prime Minister and her partner appeared with the friendly smile and albeit no believing in my eyes I can not refuse the feeling from my heart. I am and we are standing in front of Prime Minister. The first greeting was warmed up with Loan’s introduction. With a gently glance at our uniform she may wonder about Hanoikids, but let her curiousness wait till the question was opened.

The media surrounded us and moved up to our steps. It’s actually the feeling of a star standing in front of such crowed people… a little bit tremble…A lot of questions were raised in our mind: What should we do now to create the highest satisfaction from the Prime Minister and the others as well? Let’s do a small exercise to keep the breath again and keep calm in mind for a while. Nothing more to worry about but just be yourself and more than that be Hanoikids.

We started the shortest tour within only 30 minutes. As planned, only three last courtyards would be included in the tour from the 3rd one. Ngan Natto started introducing about Temple of Literature and also took the responsibility for the 4th one while the others parts were referred for me. Confused, nervous but it all did not have enough power bothering us and replaced by the feeling of pride when the hundred eyes just concentrated on our performance. And actually, the absolute mark will be the most worthwhile mark given to PM due to being an extremely lovely tourist. The curiousness, excitement of a foreign tourist about the custom and seen – things brought us closer and erased the distance between a PM and the others. She gave much attention from the beginning about Ngan ‘s introduction of Temple of Literature. But, no time for us to continue talking about the Temple, by a careful glance at our T- shirt again it was time for her wonder : What is Hanoikids? Such a lovely question and we were waiting for your superb question :”Hanoikids, simply is what you are seeing in ourselves, be young, be active, be dynamic and above all, fall in great love with Hanoi. Such a wonderful pride raising voice about our Hanoikids. The media still surrounded us and continued their task… Let’s smile.

After going through in the opposite direction, everything was arranged in order. The Prime Minister was attracted by Constellation of Literature – the symbol of Hanoi. Let’s take photos with it…And… I wondered whether she could be in the list of people making turtles’ heads become smoother (because she could not hide the interest in touching turtle’s head). We kept moving and approached the 4th courtyard, each step moving meant that the time also went with us and unluckily we forgot the outside even the first feeling of tremble to enjoy the meaningful seconds beside Prime Minister and her partner.
“We are the kings stepping in the middle gate” this made laugh and created the interest when we reached the next courtyard. In this part, the incense burner was the concerned thing about. After putting incense in the ceremony altar and gave pray, we moved into the final courtyard. Media still surrounded us…

Up to that time, we suddenly realized that the time promptly went by, just wanted to lengthen as long as possible. Chu Van An, the new model, the old model, all were quickly passed because time now was counted by second. But wait for a while looking at in the left hand side, you will see one interested thing. Oh such a big drum! PM seemed to be so excited about that and certainly the propose was not repeated two times. She and her partner tried hitting the drum while people were cheering up. With a gently smile and a happy face, her satisfied feeling can be easily realized. However, that was also the final performance about Temple of Literature, which meant the tour would be finished. At that time, the beginning feeling was totally replaced by gently sad because nothing can prevent time from going by. Such a lovely tourist and we wanted to keep time forever, No distance, no bounder between us, just smiled and felt the warmness from the heart being their travel –mate. It was difficult to say goodbye but it had to be. We wished the best for her and her partner and also hoped about the next time meeting and said goodbye.

Until everything was turned into normal state, we were still on the cloud with the mixed emotion. Actually it just went through like a sweet dream. A little bit sad, a little bit cheerless, but the happy and joyful emotion may be lengthened and multiplied hundred times. Be proud because we were and Hanoikids were raised our own voice prove our own worth by being the Prime Minister‘ s pro – travel mate.

HOWEVER, nothing can be referred for the success without extremely wonderful effort. The memory brought us back to the past of 4 days ago when I first receive the call from Loan Chullie about such an urgent but especial tour. Some times it seemed not to run as normally. Some times the tired feeling going up and down drew us nothing about tour. Meeting, discussion and practice with the great effort and then they themselves brought the hopeless and lightly distressful when tour cannot go ahead. However, it cannot be referred for the luck but such splendid effort eventually received worthwhile reward. We tried our best and enjoyed the most seconds being pro travel – mate of Australia Prime Minister. All above, we are not only ourselves but also Hanoikids. Today albeit still being the young organization HANOIKIDS is not only the name but, it has been occupied a stable position in the foreign tourists‘hearts.

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