In 2012, Ha Noi was chosen one of 10 cities with the most delicious food in Asia by CNNGo. Hanoi offers a wide selection of cuisines but many tourists say that they only find the best at sidewalk stalls.

Street food is a feature of Vietnam in general, and Hanoi in particular. Walking on crowded streets, you can easily see the locals sitting on the pavements enjoying street food. If you once come to Hanoi, it is a good idea to try this traditional gastronomy.

Here are some suggestions for your food tour in Ha Noi with popular addresses around Old Quarter.

1. Phở (Noodle)

Ingredients: broth, noodles made from rice, a few herbs, and meat (normally chicken/beef)\


Recommended: Pho Thin near 63 Dinh Tien Hoang; Pho Bat Dan (49 Bat Dan Street); Pho Ly Quoc Su ( 10 Ly Quoc Su Street)

2. Vietnamese sandwiches (Banh mi)

Banh mi is a combination of bread with various ingredients such as pâté, meatballs, grilled pork, chilli or mayonnaise. You can choose your meats, toppings and condiments as you prefer.

Banh Mi pork roll, Vietnam

Recommended: Le Dai Hanh street, Nguyen Huu Huan street, 118A Hue Street

3. Banh xeo (Vietnamese Pancake)

Pancake is made when the rice batter is poured into the hot skillet.
Ingredients: rice flour, water, turmeric powder, stuffed with slivers of fatty pork, shrimp, diced green onion, and bean sprouts.

ban xeo

Recommended: 22 Hang Bo Street or 23 Bat Su Street.

4. Nem (Spring roll )

Ingredients: seasoned ground meat, mushrooms, and diced vegetables such as carrots, rolled up in a sheet of moist rice paper.


Recommended: 15 Ngo Gach Street, 33 Hang Bong Street. Or you can find fresh spring rolls with herbs, beef or chicken inside at Ngu Xa street, near West Lake.

5. Bánh gối (Pillow cake)

Pillow cake is a fried or baked pastry with a savory filling, such as spiced carrot, onions, peas, eggs, vermicelli, meat (beef or pork).

Recommended: 52 Ly Quoc Su Street.

6. Bánhcuốn (Steamed rice pancake roll)

Bánh cuốn is a rice noodle roll made from a thin, wide sheet of steamed fermented rice batter filled with minced wood ear mushrooms, minced ground pork.

Recommended: 72 Hang Buom street or 101 Ba Trieu street.

7. Búnchả (Grilled Pork with Vermicelli)

Bun cha, which is the best served in Old Quarter, is able to seduce even the most fastidious foodies. You will easily recognize it with smoke from charcoal stoves used to roast grilled pork.
The dish of grilled pork and noodle, Bun cha is served with grilled fatty pork (chả) over a plate of white rice noodle (bún) and herbs with a side dish of dipping sauce

Bun cha

To dig into Bun Cha is much more than ticking off a list of things one must do in Hanoi; it is to engage in a cuisine treasure!

Recommended: 34 Hàng Than Street, 19 Cầu Gỗ street

8. Nem chua rán (Fried fermented pork)

Most Vietnamese youngsters enjoy this dish. It is usually served with chili sauce, fresh herbs and cucumber slices.

Recommended: Ta Hien street, Lương Ngọc Quyến street.
Along Ta Hien street, you could find a lot of street food such as cheese sticks, potato chips, fried corn with suitable prices.

9. Desserts

These are also favorite for Vietnamese youngsters.

Sweet soup is a mixture of many ingredients: cocconut milk, jelly, yogurt, fruits, beans, black sticky rice… You can order what you want at Cho Gao street (near Ma May street), To Tich Street, Hang Dieu street.


Wish you have a safe trip and enjoy as much food as possible!
Source: Hanoikids’ survey, TripAdvisor, Wikitravel and other travel websites

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