Founded in 2006, Hanoikids is a student-run, voluntary organization which provides free tours for foreigners in Hanoi, Vietnam.

With more than 10,000 free tours provided so far, Hanoikids has been recognized as the top entertainment activity in Hanoi by TripAdvisor – the world’s most famous travel website for many years.

So what have put Hanoikids on the map as one of the best tour clubs in Hanoi today? Let’s find out four reasons for its long-established reputation.

1. Highly recommended and reliable Hanoi free tours

After a decade of touring activity, we are thankful to have received more than 1600 positive reviews and the Certificate of Excellence in 6 consecutive years by TripAdvisor.

In 2015, Hanoikids was placed on the “Hall of Fame” which comprises the top 9% world’s travel activities on TripAdvisor for the excellent services that it has provided.

To our great honor, Hanoikids was given the wonderful opportunity to accompany high ranking representatives from the Embassies of Australia, America and Canada in their visits to Hanoi from 2010 to 2015.

Hanoikids on a tour with the Embassy of Canada

2. Well-trained, enthusiastic travelmates

Hanoikids would not have made it today without our well-prepared, enthusiastic and amiable travelmates. We address ourselves as “travelmates” since friendliness and hospitality between friends are always to be emphasized.

Every year, we are carefully recruiting and training students in Hanoi to ensure the quality of the tours. The slogan “Be a little ambassador of Hanoi” has served as the principle followed by Hanoikids members to bring tourists the best experience in Hanoi.

Hanoikids’ members in an outing day

3. Tourists getting an insight into Hanoi

Tourists who book tours with Hanoikids can freely choose their destinations in Hanoi from a variety of tour packages.

Apart from popular attractions, tourists interested in Hanoians’ daily life can also have customized tours of their own. From local markets to places that are off the beaten track, our members are willing to take foreigners anywhere they want to see, by taxi, on foot, by buses or even by cyclo – a unique Vietnamese means of transport.

This lovely review from our guests recently truly speaks volumes about our tours:
“Our cheery and lovely guides, Kappa and Coca (their nicknames in Hanoikids) met us at our hotel lobby at 9am on a Saturday morning. After a brief introduction and sharing some of our to-visit places, they brought us to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Temple of Literature before ending our half-day tour at a cafe serving coconut coffee.

On every possible occasion, we were surprised when they were able to tell us which century it was when this building was established/ event took place. Rather than just overloading us with information, the Kids also gave us little quizzes along the way to make the interactions more engaging.

After the end of our trip in Hanoi, the both of us agreed that our half-day with Hanoikids was definitely the highlight (beating even our day-trip to Halong Bay)! We didn’t only experience an amazing tour but made new friends and will definitely keep in touch. Thank you so much, Kappa and Coca, for making Hanoi that much harder to leave ❤ ” – Charlene L, Singapore

4. Finally, it is Hanoi free tours !

What would be more ideal than enjoying the best of Hanoi with hospitable, helpful travelmates from a reliable tour club and the tours are all free !

Foreigners touring with Hanoikids have agreed to cover the expenses (travel, sightseeing,..) according to our conditions and terms. However, we do not charge any fee since Hanoikids is a voluntary organization that provides only Hanoi free tours.

So there you go, a perfect recipe for your visit to Hanoi. If you have any request on how to book a tour, please visit here and we will be looking forward to accompanying you in your tours.

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