Mỳ gà tần is a sound combination of instant noodles, mugwort and oriental herbs. With such not only yummy but super healthful ingredients, it is a common dish for sick people, especially after they have recovered. Not long ago, when I caught a terrible flu, each day, my mother bought me a portion of this dish. Despite my having no appetite, the noodles was pretty enjoyable and fragrant with the smell of chicken and mugwort mixed with different types of herbs which are particularly good for one’s recovery. Best served when hot, this would not be the top choice in boiling summers, but in bleak winters in Hanoi.

The delicacy is imbued with both bitterness, deriving from mugwort and Chinese herbs, and sweetness, coming from chicken bones and flesh. One can choose either white or black chicken, with the latter containing less fat and slightly sweeter than the former.


In Hanoi, the most famous food stall for mỳ gà tần is located at the intersection of Hàng Cân St., Hàng Bồ St. and Lương Văn Can St.. This tiny stall has been serving the dish for nearly 20 years. However, its reputation sometimes makes it overcrowded and the stall has to set tables on pavement to serve the dish. Another destination is No.12C Hàng Cót St., where there are proper seats and opening hours are from 6am until 11pm, while their aforementioned counterpart only serves after 5pm.


Price: 60,000-80,000 VND


– Intersection of Hàng Cân Street, Hàng Bồ Street and Lương Văn Can Street

– 12C Hàng Cót Street

– 4 Hàng Bút Street

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