“We TRUST you!”

It’s hard to define exactly my emotion at this moment my foreign friends said that to me. Happy, yes. Proud, of course. And even more responsible as well.

In this skeptical world, I was taught to be critical about everything. But l cannot do it! Because I am a Kid. When going on tour, both foreign friends and Kids rely on each other.

The guests also want to set up Bangkok kids

I and friends from Thailand on this tour also agree to keep faith in Hanoikids. We had many precious moments together; I with Sou felt languages so crazy and funny while Mac Thuy, Nupaan and Jib had time to share their favorites in common: cat, photography, drawing…@@

I am glad that my travel-mates have the unforgettable memories and mutual feelings with me about the unique capital. It is pretty cool when I with my partner could inspire them about Bangkok-kids and even better when recently they have confided that they miss Hanoi so much.

We stay here, always welcome you .

Nupaan Piya
That touched my heart. I appreciate that and glad to have you as friends. We are certainly counting days to get back to our second hometown — Hanoi.

Jib Nano Brainiac
That Day Was More Than Amazing. I Really Wish I Could Join Since Morning. You Both Are Fabulous And I Enjoyed Every Seconds We Shared. If You Would Ever Come To BKK, I’ll Be Your BKK Kid. Missing Hanoi Soooooo Muchhh heart emoticon

Member in charge: Mạc Thu Thủy & Viet Phuong Bui
Written by Viet Phuong Bui

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