The ‘Cyclo’ Time with my new amazing Australian friend.
“If I was necessitated to describe the tour I went for today in one single word, I would say this is absolutely “wonderful”. Mrs. Kate Gilbert who is the tourist I accompanied today chose to visit several uncommon destinations in Hanoi as an alternative to those very well-known tourist attractions like Hoan Kiem Lake, the Temple of Literature or Ho Chi Minh Complex. To illustrate, we went on a sightseeing tour of Quảng An Market (near the West Lake) which has a good reputation for selling tropical flowers, visited Đồng Xuân Market, Hàng Đường Street to buy her father several tins of sugared dry plum (ô mai) and went to Mã Mây Ancient House afterwards.
But you know, the brightest highlight of our today was markedly demonstrated by the time I went around the Old Quarter by cyclo – the undoubtedly unique symbol of Hanoi capital. This is the first time I have travelled by cyclo since I became the official member of Hanoikids. During that time, we had a long chitchat with each other and she also shared with me many funny stories together with a lot of interesting things to do in her hometown, which made me desirably want to visit Australia someday.
All in all, thank you Mrs. Kate so much for the wonderful time and your lovely gifts from Australia. Hope to see you soon in Hanoi. This solo tour is totally a wonderful experience to me!”

Howl – Kid since 2016

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