Capsule It Up Contest FR2014

Writer: Le Minh Trang – Group 1

Has it ever occurred to you the moment when you just stood back in the course of time, looked at the people around you and everything just suddenly froze up or slow-motioned itself, when you zoned out of the conversation and just really looked at them, knew that they are really here, happy, fun, chatting, laughing, with you and realized that never before have you felt so … alive?

I hadn’t. But Hanoikids came into my life, and gave me that ‘alive’ feeling, which struck me unaware, astounded, and at the same time, blessed. And really, they never cease to give me more of that each and everyday that passes.

It was when my fellow groupmates were smiling at me when I delivered my first speech ever in front of them, at which I kept messing up the word ‘Confucianism’. It was when we were in the egg coffee shop and I was beaming with proud, talking about ‘Long Bien Bridge’ without having to look at any materials, in front of my buddy for the very first time. It was when our Chim, chị S, told us to strive our walk a bit faster to meet the time assigned, which command resulted in us running like little ducklings along the Old Quarter streets. It was when everyone offered to hold my belonging for me so that I could easily get down from the high staircases of Bahnar Communual House. It was when anh Huấn told me that I was ‘definitely a hủ nữ’ and then chị Sô turned to shake my hand and said that she was a ‘hủ nữ’ as well. It was when chị Fami told me that my question about the costumes of the four people along Confucius in TOL was really interesting. It was when chị Dung offered me a ride so as for me to be in time for an interview. It was when anh Hải Hưng waved back at me after the training day at OQ and said that he remembered me from the second round of recruitment. It was when the conversation with anh Gabe ended that I just realized I was even more head-over-heels and amazed with training department and its members. It was when my sub-leader Dori smiled knowingly at me when I almost tripped myself over because I kept gazing at a guy when he was passing by.

It was when we finished the final test and parted ways, when I got home, crawled up on my bed and surfed through the pictures, the statuses, the messages and asked myself “Is that it? So, it all ended here, all these just turned into old rolled-up bunch of history?”, which I answered myself, “What do you mean by history, silly? If those were all now in past tense, we would not just be any history, we would be legendary. But we are not history, we are not just happy tales that come to an end, either. All of this training process and the people that made it so memorable are ‘the moment’ which is now progressing, living, happening, letting me know that I’m not alone, nor am I a sad story, letting me know that I am alive, so much alive with all of these ridiculously wonderful and variable feelings ranging from extremely overjoyed, happily exhausted, completely flushed up, to hopelessly in love.

They are the moment in which “I swear, we are all infinite” (The Perks of Being a Wallflower).

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