Hanoi, as we know it, is the capital city of Vietnam. Not only is it the administrative center of the whole country, it is also an educational and cultural center where many universities base. Thats’s why, it is not a surprise that each year Hanoi welcomes thousands of freshmen from many regions across the country to begin their new life as a student

But, not all who live in Hanoi now all about Hanoi. It is for that very reason that Hanoikids decided to bring to life a project the whole club had been working on for months – the “City Tour” – specially designed for freshmen.

City tour allows students to go around some main streets of the Old Quarter, taste some local specialty while listening to the origin and fun facts about each street.

Tickets became sold out rather fast and we were eagerly adding the final touch to everything and looking forward to the launching day! All 3 days of the “City Tour” took place successfully. Although sometimes the weather seemed rather unsupportive, however, thanks to the spirit of both the members and the participants, the day was saved. All the students were divided into groups of 10-12 people and they blended in really fast. Actually, it didn’t take long before they all started chatting and laughing as if theybhad known each other for ages. The extraordinary experiences of the members with their international friends added joy and excitement to the students. The tour ended in laughter as we all joined in an “IQ poetic game”! After that, each student was given a handbook made by Hanoikids about what to do and where to go in Hanoi, just some brief recommendations for the freshmen before they could fill it up with their own places of interests.

This whole project wouldn’t have succeeded with flying colors like this had it not been for the gard work and the co-operation of all Hanoikids departments and members. Atlthough preparation mainly took place in summer vacation when everyone was to have their own plans and things to do, the members still managed to have time for the club, which they regrd as their second house. Last but not least, special thanks go to all public relations units, who helped a lot spreading the news and made it more known to the aimed target of project – freshmen.

Although the “City Tour 2014” is over, all impression remains lively inside each of us, shall we look forward to next year with hopes of even more fruitful results!


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[fbalbum url=https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152620687248851.1073741943.80699313850&type=3 limit=20 slider=1 random=1]

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