Bánh xèo – the unique pancake of Vietnamese cuisine

Bánh xèo – also known as crispy Vietnamese pancake, crepe or sizzling cake – is a famous street food which is widely believed to originate from France during its occupation of Vietnam. The word...

Loving hut – A touch of simpleness in Vietnamese vegetarian cuisine

Loving hut for a long time has been one of the popular vegetarian restaurant chain, not only among working people like most of the similar kinds, but also among students. Credit: Instagram @lysagee Loving hut...

Hoa quả dầm – A fruit-buffet dessert

On a normal sunny day in Hanoi , there is nothing better than a dish of Hoa Qua Dam. This dish is a part of a drink,  part of a dessert , but there’s...

Bún bò Huế – A great balance of flavors

Bún bò Huế (Hue beef noodle soup) is a speciality of Huế – former capital of Vietnam. The name is to distinguish beef noodle soup from Huế and from other provinces. Although the major...

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