FR2014 – Round 2 Report

As autumn leaves begin sparkling with the gorgeous golden and red colors, the fresh recruitment for new member of Hanoikids also gets off the ground.  The highly meticulous selective process  of short-listing candidates from hundreds of application forms finally resulted in approximately 400 young enthusiastic students who was able to make it to round 2: Test and activities.

Though the sky was rather dark and cloudy, Hanoikids’ members who were eager to be supporters for round 2 still arrived very early for the thorough, holistic preparation.

Hanoikids 7th Birthday Party: 7 Gods and The Secret Gift

June is the month of little kids, and the 7th birthday of “a very special kid”- Hanoikids, was also held on a beautiful Sunday in June. On 9th June 2013, little ambassadors of Hanoi all gathered at gorgeous Venus Palace to celebrate Hanoikids 7th birthday which marked a brilliant milestone in our voluntary club history.

When the party started, an air of excitement ran through the whole venue as everyone showed up stunningly in graceful dresses and suits.

Tour Experience Sharing – Sharpen our Travelmates

Following the success of Fall Recruitment 2013, Hanoikids gladly welcomes 39 new official members who are ready to embark on amazing adventures with our foreign visitors. To the new “Kids”, not only the number of tours but also the tours’ quality are important tributes to which Hanoikids devoted.

“Hành trình 1750” – cuộc chạy đua giữa lòng thủ đô

Với mong muốn tạo ra một sân chơi thú vị, lành mạnh cho các bạn sinh viên, ngày 29/3 vừa qua, câu lạc bộ tiếng anh tình nguyện Hanoikids đã tổ chức sự kiện...

Advanced Training At Vietnam Military History Museum

Beside the elementary training after each recruitment, Hanoikids organizes advanced training sessions annually to help our members develop their knowledge and skills to satisfy the increasingly demand for discovery of tourists to Hanoi.

[Photo] Capsule It Up Contest FR2014

With every training course, CAPSULE IT UP CONTEST has been a popular place for Hanoikids's newbies to share their thoughts and experiences about their training course as well as their first trial tours.
hanoikids fall recruitment 2013

Hanoikids 2013 Fall Recruitment – Report and Results

[caption id="attachment_2279" align="alignnone" width="720"] Hanoikids Recruitment posters in different universities in Hanoi[/caption]

If  Hanoikids Voluntary English Club is a feast of global exploration, self-discovery and enjoyment of off-comfort-zone experience for interested students, the Regular Recruitments are certainly the step to prepare the indispensable ingredients for that feast. With no exception, Hanoikids has successfully organized the 2013 Fall Recruitment, which attracted more than 700 applicants from all over Hanoi.

Tour support

Head of Tour Operation Department
Nguyen Thai Anh
Phone: 036 518 5615


Deputy head of Tour Operation Department
Nguyen Phuong Ly
Phone: 097 505 3958