Hanoikids honoured at National Volunteer Award for Most Outstanding Volunteer Organization

National Volunteer Award is organized by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and United Nation Volunteer program to encourage and honour organizations, individuals who have outstanding contributions to volunteering for community, national development and defense.

On 7 December, the National Volunteer Awards Ceremony was held at Vietnamese Youth Academy. During the evening, 10 organizations and 10 individual volunteers were rewarded by Solidarity Committee of Youth Union and United Nation Volunteer program, for their remarkabled performances.

Warning about the fake websites

Recently, Hanoikids has learnt there are some fake websites which are using our good cause to promote their hotels and put forward unreliable tour references for commercial purposes.

General Introduction

Hanoikids, established in 2006, is known as a student-run organization based in Hanoi, Vietnam. By voluntarily taking city tours for English speaking travellers in Hanoi, we hope to bring travellers from all over the...

Structure & Contact

  PRESIDENT Ms. Ly Luu Ly Phone Number: (84) 97 6131 748 Email: lyluuly0508@gmail.com VICE PRESIDENT Mr. Than Viet Anh Phone Number: (84) 166 4661 275 Email: vietanhthan@gmail.com DEPARTMENTS External Relations Department Email: er.hanoikids@gmail.com Manager: Mr. Hoang Minh Tuan Phone Number: (84) 94 2456 589 Email: minhtuanhoang01@gmail.com It is becoming of greater important to co-operate with other...

Core Activities

Hanoikids, over the course of more than 8 years, through many ups and downs, has lived up to its expectation to become one of the leading non-profit volunteer organizations in Vietnam.

Tour with Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs

The report from Gà Còi after the tour:
One of my most special tours is the tour with Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs Senator the Bob Carr and his wife Mrs. Helena Carr.
There is no word to describe my pleasure to be their travel-mate on this extraordinary occasion! I remember getting so very excited before the tour took place. Ms.

Hanoikids on OTEC press

(OTEC) had an article about its members called Member Spotlight.

Tour support

Head of Tour Operation Department
Vu Phuong An
Phone: 0162 743 8686


Deputy head of Tour Operation Department
Tran Thi Van Anh
Phone: 0163 890 2990