We, Kid and Tom, met Russell and his wife, Jane at Nova hotel. We had a little discuss before heading to the Ho Chi Minh complex and came across Heo and Carnation there, along with their guests. We were easily spotted as we were wearing HNK’s uniform which at that time looked really like couple’s shirts 😀 After visiting the mausoleum, the 2 tours continued separately. It was quite crowded and the weather was sunny but Jane and Russell didn’t seem tired at all, they listened carefully to what we said which made me and my partner very happy.

The next destination was the Temple of literature; we met the other tour again and decided to share a meal at Ngon restaurant. This was the time we got to know more about Heo and Carnation’s guests: Peter and Ivana. It turned out they are a couple from Australia too. What a coincidence! Moreover, Peter+Ivana’s house is just only 3km away from Russell+Jane’s! Therefore, all of us had many topics in common to share with each other. After having a delicious lunch, all 8 of us took a walk to Hoalo Prison. The weather seemed really nice since we were together, that’s why I think that the 2 tours were meant for each other.


Then we went to Giang coffee cause they were really curious about the egg coffee. We took a lot of photos there because many people brought their cameras (including me) and we all wanted some photos in ours. During the thunderous meeting there, we found out that Russell was 1 year younger than Jane. On hearing about that, Carnation was over the moon since her love affair shared the same situation, too. This ‘giant’ tour surely had a lot of random common facts!

We kept moving to the Ngoc Son temple and the Cathedral. On the way, Ivana told me the best love story I have ever heard!!! (In real life of course) She and Peter have been in love for 12 years. They were neighbors, classmates and they even sat next to each other in primary school. But at that time she never put an eye on him. They accidentally met again when she was in the university by one of her friends’ joke and they felt deeply in love since then. It’s like destiny brought them together just like how it did with the 2 tours today!!!

We finished the tour at a small bar, enjoyed cold drinks and great music. The music was consecutively to our liking so we kept dancing and cheer for each other while at the same time, enjoyed the beautiful rain of Hanoi in the summer.
All 4 guests left a strong impression in me. They are friendly, funny and so supportive. I also did have a great companion with my partner Phong Tom. Such a nice tour!!! Hope to have more tours like this in the future.

Special thanks to Blossom and TOD for giving me such an awesome experience, love it!!!

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Written by Phồng Tôm[/author_info] [/author]

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