On behalf of Hanoikids PR Department, I joined in the cultures exchange day with dynamic members of Service Ambassadors from Singapore on 21st June 2012. Had it not been for the kind appointment, I would have felt missing out ! The event was successfully held and absolutely lived up to their expectation to both exchange culture values with us and sightsee around famous spots in Hanoi.

The meeting commenced at 8:30 with the attendance of 11Hanoikids members and 22 friends from Singapore. Many of us, however, arrived early in order to prepare things to run smoothly and also take time posing some lovely photos.


Afterwards, they showed up with big smiles and warm greetings to us. They are all about the same ages as us so it didn’t much difficult to get along as we both shared many mutual interests. Then they drew several games that helped us more easily warm up and know each other better.

The morning went on as we showed them around the Sword Lake, telling many interesting stories about this symbol of Hanoi. With fully-charged enthusiasm, everyone attentively listened to us and kept enquiring for more information.

Stopping to take a rest by the Hanoi Cathedral, we continued to share our experience and hobbies while feasting on the amazing lemon tea and taking in the view of that biggest church in Hanoi. At that very moment of laughter and jokes, the boundaries between two clubs were blurred, replaced by the intimate friendship as though we had been long-known buddies.

Six of us carried on travelling with them as the rest were busy in the afternoon. On the touring car, people kept chit-chatting. They even together sang their national anthem! I sat near a guy who loves Chelsea and music so there was a lot to talk about. We were also given many gifts from those lovely friends.

It took about 15 minutes to reach Ho Chi Minh complex and everyone was eager to see Ho Chi Minh and his beautiful houses as well as to know more about the humble life of our Great Father. Unfortunately, it was nearly 11 am so the Complex had closed. We only had chance to visit the one-pillar pagoda. It was fun though.

12 it went and it was time for us to say goodbye. We exchanged our facebook and email addresses so that we could keep in touch with these amazing friends from Singapore. I hope Hanoikids one day will hold a tour to Singapore so we will have chance to hang out with them once more time!

We had wonderful time together!

Members in charge: Pippi, Linh lé, Ngao Ngao, Gaby, Kaze, Heo Béo Trắng, Bóng Xù, Pu, Chie, Hayho and Frankie

Written by Frankie

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