The Government has justed agreed with the proposal suggested by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs that will grant state employees nine days off for 2016 Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday.

Accordingly, the official 2016 Tet holiday will begin on February 6 and end on February 14. This year, there is no need to exchange the days off as an uninterrupted holiday is automatically created.

Tet will fall on 8 February, 2016

Although Tet holiday is the biggest traditional festival in Vietnam, it is often advisable for foreign tourists that they may be adversely affected by the shortage of transportation and accommodation and the closure of attractions and restaurants.

As the New Year’s Day will fall on 8 February, transportation around the country, including airway, railway and roadway, will be very crowded from late-January till late-February. Flights are generally likely to be booked, however, chance to get trains tickets, especially bed seats, is very minimal.

Even locals meet difficulties buying train tickets

Besides, it is often expected that 70% of restaurants in Hanoi and HCMC will close for at least 4 days from the New Year’s Eve Day (7-10 February). During some days thereafter, prices are normally on the rise as the result of escalating demands and limited resources.

Despite these inconveniences, Tet holiday tends to be a great time for visitors to get rare experiences on the Vietnamese culture. In the first lunar month, there are also a wide range of colorful festivites and cultural events across the country. Especially, as most of them take place in the outskirts of the cities, visitors can combine both entertainment and sightseeing into a trip.

On the way to Chua Huong (Perfume Pagoda) near Hanoi

Lastly, it would be best if you can ask a trustable local to let you join the holiday activities with his/her family. With this chance,  you can not only gain a deep understanding about the country’s customs but also get some useful tips to stay away from petty incidents.

Reference: VnExpress, Thanhniennews

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