“Haiti used to be a French colony also, so there are lots of similarities.” Today’s the end of my end-term exams, so all the reason more to grasp a tour and have fun. I didn’t really put it in mind that I’d be accompanying 2 awesome Harvard students.

Then I just realized Miss Ha Anh on the spot. If you wanna have a definition for a Dream Girl, then she would be it: she’s not only intelligent, but also really outgoing and pretty and adorable. Her dad picked us up and drove us all the way to Bat Trang. And from this tour only that I know her hometown’s in Ha Tinh.

As for Stephane from Haiti, he’s really what you call one-of-a-kind.

He’s been into histories of French colonies, as Haiti was once one of those too. Thanks to him many similarities between Vietnam and his home country were brought up: like the use of water containers on top of houses, the widespread of motorbikes, the architecture or even the scars from vaccination.

Stephane certainly knows a lot. Whether it’s about languages (he can use French, Haiti, English and Japanese fluently, and got a knack to imitate different English accents, and it’s kinda funny); or automobile brands and their doings in globalization and in Vietnam; or Vietnamese history and culture: I was amazed at the immense knowledge and information he possesses. As for making pottery he’s surely skillful, too; even if he said that he’d tried it out in the States, it’s still amazing Somehow I can sense the you-can-do-it spirit in these two, just like every Ivy Colleges student that I’m acquainted.

Well, the most … well, most impressive part of the tour was this.
– Hey Stephane, do you know photographic memory?
– Yes I do.
– So do you have that?
– Yeah.

I was stunned and simply couldn’t shut my mouth up. He said that he could observe people building something and memorize it, and got no difficulty building it up in his mind and do it again with his hands. In short, a gift from God.

But then again, these people are really fun to be with.

I have to say sorry to the newbie today, as she was new to the village so she couldn’t practice much what she’s learned from the training session. Well, anyway, you should learn the you-can-do-it spirit of Harvard students and be more confident next time

Simply call it a day now.
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