From the first moment of being a newbie until now, I have enjoyed the life of a Kid for more than six months. Especially, my time with Hanoikids during those initial days has deeply impressed me with the sweetness, loveliness and memorial to my first solo tour with an adorable newly married couple who spend their honeymoon in Hanoi.

The best tour began with some troubles that you never want to face with when going on tour. My partner could not take part in as schedule according to some unexpected problems. After a long flight, the guests also felt honestly tired and turned up with wearying appearances. Moreover, they even had to encounter with some difficulties with their money at the bank just before we started our journey. Everything seemed to be messed up which made me absolutely worried and just had no ideas what to do. Still, with the effort of all, the situation became better and gradually out of the blue, turned into a great time for both of us.

After visiting the Temple of Literature, we decided to spend the rest of our tour wandering around the Old Quarter only. Luvic – the one-week-old-husband – explained that they just wanted to make the most of this unprecedented atmosphere by walking and watching how the local people live. The following thing that we did was choosing seats on the top-roof cafe near the Sword Lake and started having fun time chatting together.

Luvic’s wife, Laura, was really lovely and kind. I love the way she complained how complicating to change her name in some papers after getting married. And her laugh also made me feel absolutely relaxing. And when it comes to Luvic, I had to admit that I was totally interested in everything he said. He was thoroughly knowledgeable that he could talk about almost everything in the world. What a genuinely precious chance to learn from him. Nonetheless, it was not the best part of this tour.

No one could imagine that the most ideal moment was when we simply kept silent and observed the stream of people below us. In such a vibrant city center, it was the first time that I realized how halcyon my city could be. What was more, in that silence I suddenly heard Luvic’s voice: “I cannot believe that. Just one week ago, I was sunk deep at the bottom of the work. And see, now I am sitting on the top of a building, sipping my cocktail, forgetting all stupid stuffs in London and enjoying the first state of my honeymoon. Entirely unwind!”.

From that instant, I unexpectedly dreamt of my future life which would be just like his. Working exceedingly hard and taking pleasure in vacations – that would be undoubtedly splendid as I could see it in Luvic’s eyes.

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