That was the first time I took a night market tour and it surely brought me brand-new exciting experience. Frankly, my feeling was somehow similar to how I felt before my very first tour when I was in high school.

I arrived early and waited for my partner under the freezing weather. Eventually, Hip came and warmed me up with her smile. We had a little chat before our guests appeared.

At first, this family was the same as every Australian family I had met before. Ten minutes after, I realized I had been wrong. Ryan – a 9 grader – was so talkative that he spoke for the whole family. Normally, kids would just follow their parents but he was much more mature. He knew every single detail of his family’s trip. That made me think he was the one who plan the vacation. No one can imagine how talkative he is without talking to him in person. It was like whatever the topic is, he can talk about it forever. He was clever, too. I noticed that through the way he answered my “xoáy” questions. Just like that, we became close friends.

This was also the first time Hip and I bargain for foreigners. The total amount of money we saved for our guests was nearly 500.000VND!! Quite good for the first time.

Finishing the market, we went to the “Quan Banh Troi Tau”. Even though the seats and the room were not ideal but the dish was perfect! We enjoyed chatting so much that we sat there until the waiter became impatient and ordered us leave.
On the way back to the lake, Jessica felt cold so Hip gave Jess her scarf… then they held hands walking side by side like sisters…how sweet! I have the feeling that all 6 of us together can make a happy family.

The tour was lovely I must say.

One new experience for myself: Going to the night market in cold weather… IS AWESOME!

Members in charge: RenZ and Hip

Written by RenZ