It was a marvellous tour on the way to become a kid. Receiving email 2 days before the tour, I knew that the guests this time would be nice like the way they wrote – so carefully and politely. But they were even more awesome than I thought.

This was the first time I had been to a pretty hotel like that, it was small enough for me to feel warm but also luxurious enough to admire. Wating for both buddy and guests, my heart was dancing and just wanted to jump out of the chest. After about 15 minutes, the couple appeared with friendly smiles and tighthandshakes. I could not imagine they were so young to their age, and especially, the man was quite cool even though he was 44 years old now. We had a small talk while waiting for my partner.

The beginning was rather nice and through it, I knew something sweet about the couple. The wife worked at an ATM company while the husband did a job relating to building and he said that engineer played the most important part in life, he made me think of a page on facebook “ trust me i’m an engineer” there they always appreciate engineers in a humorous way. The husband was so eager and he talked continuously, I loved the way he expressed his thought in Brazilian English, so easy to understand and cute too. The wife was so gentle and kept smiling all the times. She raised a hard question for me “ Why the Buddha in Vietnam has a fat belly, I saw the Buddha in Thailand was thinner. And what is that Budda’s name?” oh my god, I know what she meant but actually, it was difficult to explain so I just said as I thought. Thank God she got it and seemed interested. And the man wondered why every morning, there was always a “ speaker” saying or singing something. What he meant was the district radio haha.


Finally, my buddy arrived. Seeing her through crystal door of the hotel, the guests said excitedly “ I like her scooter, haha, so fun”. We planned our tour quickly then setting off to the Ho Chi Minh complex. Sitting in the taxi, they still continued with dozen of questions. “ Why Vietnamese people always wear pijama going on the street”. I bet this is the cutiest and funniest question I have ever been asked. We started our tour by visiting Ho Chi Minh museum. They expressed the excitement whenever seeing something that was typical and unique. Honestly, I was not trained so much about this museum, so everything I could do was to see the picture, the objects, their description and then “air blade”. Luckily, they didn’t care about that so much. Interestingly, Allan even told me something about revolution in Brazil, Argentina,…when he saw the exhibition of it in the museum. He is exactly a knowlegeable guy.

After that, we walked to the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum and this was a really ideal site for us to pose. Allan and his wife took pictures with us in turn as if we were super stars, so proud. He showed us the picutres of his son who is identical to him and I can see the happiness in his eyes when talking about his 11 year old son. I wondered why he had not brought the child with him and he replied when I was married, I would know the reason, ooh what is mystery here ? It was over 12 am and we could not visit the house on stilt, therefore, we left to One Pillar Pagoda. Fortunately, the buddy helped me to tell information of this site enthusiastically and they were really fond of it. The couple tried some coconut juice sold near the pagoda and they said it was much sweeter than the one grown in Brazil. The kind shopkeeper gave us 4 bananas as a bonus, it was hard to say how happy we felt. And it was the begining for the story about bananas. As what they said, there were many kinds of bananas in Brazil namely silver banana, golden banana…

We continued going to Temple of Literature. On the way there we talked about heaven and earth from the agencies manufacturing cars, methods of learning English to the fact that the American are not as friendly as the Brazilian, which are not related topics at all. We also looked for a store selling the Vietnamese football club Tshirt but all the stores sell interntional clubs Tshirt, maybe the guests must have been surprised for this. We reached the Temple at about 2pm. because of preparing quite carefully, I felt more confident in this site. I talked all the things I was trained and they were so interested in, it was unbelieveable that they could listen to us so attentively, which inpired me a lot. The wife really like the story about the threshold. She asked many questions such as why the monk wore orange clothes or why the poles of the temple were painted with red. And looking at the way she standing in front of the wishing board and prayed for a long time then wrote words on the board, i know she really respects Buddhism although she is an Christian. They even asked how can both of us could know that information and of course it is Hanoikds that taught us.

It was over 3pm and we had lunch. We took so much time to order the food because everything there was so attractive. Allan liked local bear so much, as a result he drank two bottles of Hanoi we all enjoyed the meal and during the lunch they talked so much so much. We laughed and told jokes, shooted the breeze.

After that we walked around to buy some dried fruit. When trying any kind of “o mai”, he always said” Bon”. And thanks to him, I know “ bon” means “good” haha. And the happiest moment was when they took from the backpack a gift for me. It was a green Brazilian Tshirt. He explained the color of Brazil flag to us, which sounded so fascinating. The green represents for forest and coffee fields while the yeallow symbolized gold, the blue indicated the sky and sea. Not any words could describe my happiness at that time.

The evening came up and we decided to have coffee. My buddy led us to an old coffee shop on Dinh Tien Hoang street where I had never been before. It was a tiny shop on the second floor of an ancient house. I could not imagine that there were so many guests in the shop like that. The loud music made the atmosphere here became so unique, a little bit ancient, a little bit modern. Here was the meeting point of two generations belonging two different centuries, which was so great. Allan said in admiration “ So local” I think this place satisfied his curiousity about the local life in vietnam. One more thing,I helped him to do a “special” mission , taking him to the public wc. He said” I just want number 1”. “ what is number 1?” I asked. He laughed out loud “ number 1 meant p*** in Brazilian” oh oh oh, haha. We came back to the hotel when it was dark. But it was still not the time to bid farewell, sitting on the lounge of the hotel, we talked about many things. He showed us the traditionals, cities, forest of Brazil through images he searched on net. He seemed to be a tourist guide. Brazil was so beautiful with long beaches and carnival festival with colorful sexy girls. My love for that South American country was growing up. It was time to say goodbye, they huged me like close friends. Especially, Allan kissed us on the cheek, the feeing at that time was so overwhelmed.

So amazing an day I had, on the way to home, my heart was dancing with rymth of the soul. It was worth skipping class that day, I did what I like and I felt unregretful. Images of Brazilian friends are full of my mind until now, each tour is a memory filling in the gap of my heart. I’ve started to feel the happinesss of a kid, so simple but so sweet.

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