The clock struck 5 in the morning and we were all wide awake. This is usually not the case when some of us students were idly enjoying the summer days at home (and will not get up before 8 or 9 a.m). But that day we had something to get ready for: The long awaited Hanoikids summer trip. Let’s pack the bag and go to the beach!

Hanoikids members did have a memorable trip at Van Don beach – Quang Ninh last 20-21 July 2013

Before setting off. We are readyyyy!!
Before setting off. We are readyyyy!!

The coach carrying 44 ‘Kids’ reached our destination after travelling 170 kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. Where we stayed was a tiny but yet cozy hotel near the beach.


After enjoying a lavish meal with seafood and, taking a short nap, we had great fun rushing out into the crystal clear sea water. The highlights of all were the funny games we played. Have you ever tried carrying water with a towel, or rowing…on the sandy beach? Weird as they were, we couldn’t help laughing with excitement.

We called it “in-land rowing!?!!”
We called it “in-land rowing!?!!”

We spent the whole evening narrating ghost stories, partying, playing games and singing care-freely. It is so hard to describe how much we enjoyed ourselves. All our studying affairs and worries about daily life seemed to fade away and we just lived with our youth to every second! There was also a singing contest in which the two teams performed…TV commercial music! The funniest part was the ridiculous punishments for the game losers. We were convulsed with laughter watching them acting as parents-in-law, a son-in-law and a housekeeping dog in an improvised play. It was even more amusing when two members had to shout out loud the really insane sentences in the darkness. After that, it was almost a sleepless night as all members were glued to a game called “Werewolves”. Members tried to become legendary detectives with their own arguments to defense themselves and find out and vote to “kill” the person they believe to be the “werewolf”. The game got so fascinating that, however tired we were, we didn’t go to bed until 3 a.m.

Waking up the next morning, we continued with a visit to a nearby pagoda and then a beach, where we made a lot of funny poses and took hundreds of photos. The weather was so favorable for us take a walk along the coast, collect some seashells and have some joyful moments in the sun.

On the pier
On the pier

If there were one thing that we regretted about the trip, it would be that time passed so fast. “Time flies when you’re having fun” it has said. Such a short trip left us countless memories that one can hardly forget. Van Don is absolutely worth visiting! We the “Hanoi Kids” were all motivated after that awesome trip and have even more energy to continue our proud position as “little ambassadors of Hanoi”.

Come back to our work, we want to dedicate the last words to Internal Relations department members, who had whole-heartedly organized the trip to strengthen the bond among “Kids”, giving us the chance to refresh ourselves and get better mutual understandings. May the trip be the very beginning of some romantic love stories, who knows? 😉

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