The story started…
when a mysterious letter was sent to all of the “kids”, which
… was intentionally written on a badly-burn old piece of paper,
… claimed about something greatly precious hidden out there in Hoan Kiem district – the heart of Hanoi capital,
… and, as an obvious result, aroused the innate curiosity and interest of the “kids”.

Last Sunday January 20th 2013, around 60 “kids” enthusiastically joined the interesting “Treasure Hunting 5”, organised by Hanoikids’ Training department. Showing up at Hang Dau water tower at 7:30 in the morning, we were divided into 4 teams, namely Blue, Green, Pink and Violet, wearing ribbons in corresponding colors on our wrists. We set off on the journey with the mission of, as fast as possible, discovering the treasure at the final destination after passing through 5 certain places.

But things were absolutely not as easy as falling off a log.

Teams were supposed to complete a special task before being given one clue to reach the next site. The tasks, requested by Training department members (called “Trainies”) were far stranger and quirkier than anyone can ever imagine! We had to tie our hair so that we look like an octopus with from 1 to 15 tentacles on our head, perform Gangnam style in front of a crowded market, stand in a line on the zebra crossing and take photo while the red light is on, separate thousands of rice seeds and green bean seeds like “co Tam” – the character in a Vietnamese folktale,… , just to name a few. Indeed, we found it difficult to describe the ridiculousness and funniness they had really brought about.

In terms of the encoded clues, they were the real brainteasers, which required the knowledge of history, language, the flexibility and common senses as well. The team members did have to rack the brain to solve the puzzles or interpret the deep implication lying beneath the words, signs and figures. We even at times needed to ask for hints from the organisers. With each time making a phone call to the Trainies, 20 minutes was added to our total amount of time.

The race to look for the treasure got more and more competitive. It was just the matter of time as all teams had reached the fifth site and were on the way to find the last one. It came as a real amazement to every member that the last destination was the “famous” octagon toilet in Hanoi University of Pharmacy. In the end, the treasure went to … the BLUE team, who had made it to arrive first at the target!

No one can deny the fact that our legs got quite tired after some kilometers of walking. However, there is also an undeniable fact that none of us regret challenging ourselves in every moment of the “hunt”. It was a marvelous opportunity for the “newbies” to get accustomed to many more streets in the Old Quarter, for some “oldies” to make a come-back, and above all, for all Hanoikids members to come closer.

What is the greatest treasure you’ve ever found? With us the treasure hunters, it does not matter anymore who was the winner, it is the strong bond and mutual understandings we’ve created and held during the arduous journey that counted. More importantly, as stated by the Trainies – “If love is the treasure, laughter is the key”, then with tons of laughter and love, we have all opened our own treasure and achieved the most valuable things.

We would like to say thank Training department from the deepest part of our heart for holding such an exciting and meaningful event. “Treasure Hunting 5” marked the first event of our club in the new year 2013. Its success has energized all the Hanoikids members and promised a favorable year ahead.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Written by Spoon – PR Department[/author_info] [/author]

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