It’s amazing to see how time flies so fast. After 3 months of hard work filled with joy and shades of emotions, Hanoikids officially welcomes 39 fresh members to the club. In the wake of the basic training lasted 2 months, it was already ripe time to help newbies sharpen problem-solving skills and create a chance and a space for everyone to reflect on the joy and the difficulties as part of Hanoikids. Much to the delight and huge expectation from both oldies and newbies, on a Sunday afternoon when June was about to come to an end, the Tour Experience Sharing Seminar finally took place with the meticulous preparation and close collaboration of Training and Tour Operating Department.

The second TESS was held in a large conference room in National Academy of Public Administration with the seat rows arranged in ascending order to create better view of the stage for everyone, which was a praiseworthy effort from organizers to give all kids a memorable event. Although the event took place on a rather rainy days, the conference room was still packed with the presence of more than 50 members of Hanoikids who were eager to learn novel lessons about taking tour, beautiful Hanoi and to share their own personal and inspiring stories.

This time the seminar was built in a new model: all participants were divided into four teams, and members would gain useful tips and skills by co-operating with teammates to participating the games and sessions organized by the two departments.

The seminar commenced with a beautiful melody “Crazier”  from a lovely newbie or so-called little Taylor Swift of Hanoikids. Her unique raspy voice accentuated by high-pitched tone lit up and brought about a fresh wave of energy to the whole audience room. With spirits boosted up by this lovely song, Hanoikids’ members excitingly took part in the first part of the TESS: Food Game.  The basic rule is that the name of a popular dish in Hanoi would be shown to one appointed member in each team, and this member would have to use English to describe specific features in order for teammates to guess what it was.  At the end of the game, the 2 charming MCs also gave tips on some nice places and restaurants famous for the cuisine as small suggestions for members to take into consideration when taking guests to lunch or dinner.


The first food game with the victory for Group 1 brought a surge of excitement to join the next part of TESS. After a tiny break, the “Debate” competition kicked start with four videos featuring four tricky situations that used to and are likely to happen during tours. The funny expression of the amateurish actors from Tour Operating Departments produced fits of roaring laughter from the audience. This competition’s main purpose was for one team to discuss on dealing with unexpectedly confusing moments and present to everyone, and the other team would refute that solution if they thought there existed loopholes to be addressed. The 4 turns of head-on arguments between 4 teams gave rise to a good number of new perspectives, razor-sharp constructive points of view and clever ways to tackle hard situations when they crop up out of the blue.

Some last high notes in a lively performance that Joe – a newbie from Spring Recruitment 2014 hit when he rocked the stage signalled beginning the final and most interesting part: Focus(or the former name is Sharing Panel). This sharing section marked the highlight of  the whole seminar when everyone in the team would sit down in a circle, give voice to their questions and thoughts that didn’t have the opportunity to be raised in the past: happy and lovely memories, embarrassing moments, memorable tours with friendly guests, awkward cases, tips on how to be a good travelmate, reliable, highly-recommended places to show guests …All those things were laid on the table and discussed within teammates, so that both oldies and newbies could find a space to express their personal problems and ideas, and also accumulate tour-operating experiencesfrom other participants. In addition to granting attendees a chance to speak up, the “Focus” also served to strengthen and tighten the bonds and friendship among Hanoikids’ member. After this, each person developed a strong feeling of being drawn closer to the one another, to the club and felt prouder than ever about the journey the little ambassadors of Hanoi had walked through in the past 8 years.

The deliberate laughters, the incredibly funny jokes and the stories we shared throughout the event and especially in the final moments of that rainy Sunday will be a milestone that every kid treasures in their heart when looking back on the Tour Experience Sharing Seminar this year. We – all Hanoikids’ members – would love to give a big thank-you hug to the two departments who had been pulling their weight to design such an awesome seminar. We hope and believe that the next TESS is going to be even a more joyous and lovely occasion that all of us will look forward to.

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